Diet for healthy skin. Part 1
 Like the cleaning you need to stick to a special diet that the skin is soft, smooth and fresh. Beautician Griger Lynn explains what foods should eat to keep healthy skin.

- Fish contains oils that nourish it. For the shine and softness of the skin include in the diet of fish products.

- Flaxseed - an excellent source of fatty acids, so it is a component necessary for consumption.

  - Vitamin A is essential for skin health needs, so you have to take into account the content of their meals orange (carrots, orange) and green fruits and vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cabbage).

- This diet also includes a variety of nuts, such as hazelnuts and almonds, because they are rich in vitamin E. The skin necessary


Options to choose from:

1. Oatmeal, cooked in skim milk, topped with one tablespoon of flax seed; Orange juice.

2. Wholemeal mixture bathed with milk, topped with strawberries and flaxseed; grapefruit juice.

3. Muesli with low-fat + tablespoon of flaxseed, dried fruit, low fat yogurt; tomato juice with lemon juice.


Option 1:   little canned tuna + 1 tablespoon of fat-free mayonnaise, chopped vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, celery, green peppers and dark green salad; one slice of dark rye bread with a teaspoon of light margarine; a small glass of skim milk.

Variant 2:   roasted and chilled shrimp salad and vinaigrette; small carrot; 6 whole grain crackers; a small glass of skim milk.

How to cook fried shrimp salad? For this you will need: 12 peeled shrimp, 100 ml of fresh grapefruit juice, a few tablespoons of olive oil, 50 g. daikon (Japanese white radish), half a carrot, two small tomato, a little lemon juice, a handful of lettuce.

Step 1. Fry the shrimp on the grill, chill.

Step 2: Mix the oil with the juice of lemon and grapefruit.

Step 3. Chop finely vegetables, fill them with oil. Season with salt and pepper.

Step 4. Serve the shrimp with a side dish of vegetables.