Diet or tone?
 So I'm not disposed, and the nature, but I am inclined to be overweight and, therefore, once relaxed, and again working on a returning former figure. It seems to be not much more than six months ago, my weight was only fifty-seven kilograms. Delighted and relaxed; and almost cried, standing on the spring in the fall. The horror! The extra eight kilos !!!

Most importantly, in my mind, in such situations - not to panic and not to take any hasty was the (often correct) solutions that can do more harm than good.

With my height in a hundred and sixty centimeters, and such a big "plus" in the mass of necessary long-term and systematic work on oneself. Of course, this is not easy, you need to accustom themselves to a somewhat different way of life.

The program consists of several items That best of three:

1. Proper nutrition.
2. Fasting days.
3. Exercise.

I understand perfectly that it is not the latest discovery, but advise you to read further. Let's look at all three points in order.

Proper nutrition
My diet is not very different from the usual, but it is much smaller than the calorie. For breakfast, I'll definitely eat porridge. For me it is not so important what they say about this food, but what if we try to feed our children is this dish every morning? It is precisely because "in one bottle" and get energy, and a lot of useful substances. Not argue with that. But remember that the porridge for themselves have to cook, as opposed to the child on the water without butter. Or limited by the fact that oil is in the mess, but it is the only animal products in your diet for the whole day. My portion a little different from the portion of my three year old daughter.

 Diet or tone?
   The next morning as I'm not against meat, but cooked, usually chicken. Be sure to brisket, so it is less calories.

I usually have dinner vegetable soup or stew, though sometimes difficult to resist the pasta.

Dinner is my simple point of absurdity: one bell peppers, one middle Pomidorka and a handful of chopped cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil and a pinch of salt. Or one big apple! But how, without fatty amino acids? I made for myself a fish day - Saturday.

Separate food
One week I eat on the above principles, should be fully and completely eliminates the food of animal origin. You may think that this kind of weekly post. What is not to prepare yourself for a great post that many observe, but are ready to pass it to the end?

Exercise stress
In order to have real success in the first place, you need to start thinking differently. Do not think that you want to lose weight, be more correct to think about what you want to bring all the muscles of your body in tone.

For a systematic approach to this issue is best to start to go to the fitness center. Do not start with three times a week, and feel sorry for yourself is not necessary, otherwise there will be the desired effect. Twice a week - is the best option, then, they say, cheap and cheerful. To begin training, of course, the best coach, but in small towns, in fitness centers usually work part-time coaches, so not always in place when we go there. In my case it is so, alas. But I am somewhat deviated from the topic.

Since the training, warm up. To do this, I'm doing a little stretching and go to the track. We start with step slowly, gradually accelerating and in the end, go to jogging and then in reverse order does the same.

 Diet or tone?
   Give leg muscles some rest, go to another trainer, shake the press. If you are a long time did not, it is best to start with two sets of ten - fifteen times. If you are at home periodically rocked the press, it is best to do three sets of fifteen times, or two sets of twenty - twenty-five times.

Then again, you can run on the same principle as described above, or take another trainer to work out the leg muscles. About the arms and shoulders so we will not forget, because we provide all the muscles in tone. For this it is not only trainers, but the shells that you can choose is already at its discretion. Do not stop halfway, considering that the already good job on them. After all, good poboksirovat or go on Vibrating and massage "particularly dangerous" sites.

This training is over. Of course, unaccustomed to the next day you will "break". Believe me, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Continuing a given program without grimaces and uverstok, the pain will pass quickly.

You can not be beautiful and desirable, not applying to this effort. Of course, the extra weight, and together with them and centimeters, will not go away overnight after one or two weeks, but with a uniform burning "bad" weight, your body will please not only you but also others. Otherwise (with a sharp and significant weight loss), the result is not the one you expect.

Thank you for attention. Your LN
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova