Each person his products, vegetables and fruit
 The skin as a mirror reflects all of our internal problems. Dryness, oiliness, spots, swelling, early wrinkles - all this, in most cases, is the external manifestation of a deep inner disharmony. Partly resolve this disharmony can be, correct their daily menu. So what's missing is your skin?

  • Unless skin dull, lifeless You can with certainty assume lack of B vitamins Cereals   - That is the rescue! But not only. Sources vitamin B2, is very important for skin condition, are milk and milk products   (yogurt, kefir, cheese, sour cream) lean meat , Liver, egg yolks, yeast. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, yeast and fish supply B vitamins in sufficient quantities. Vitamin B12 is also responsible for the condition of the skin, a healthy complexion, it may be a disadvantage, if you stick to a vegetarian diet. Products that contain Vitamin B12 - beef, eggs, nuts, shellfish, dairy products, cheese, peas, beans, lentils. What is important, vitamin B12 is not destroyed even when heat treated. Wheatgrass   or oats   perfectly complement any green salad   and will give healthy color to your face due to the huge amount of B vitamins and vitamin E. A simpler option - a daily breakfast of wheat flakes or muesli with a glass of yogurt.

  • The skin has lost elasticity   - You may not have enough menu Seafood . The fact that zinc   (namely, this mineral found in fish and seafood in a large amount) by reacting with the vitamin A is involved in the regeneration process of the skin and is indispensable in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Good sources of zinc are pumpkin seeds And the largest amount of zinc containing mushrooms. Helps maintain youthful elasticity in tissues of the mineral selenium, which fits well with vitamin E .. Contains selenium in seafood, kidney, liver, wheat germ, bran, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, hazelnuts. Selenium also requires the body to produce glutathione - acid neutralizing free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin of the skin. In addition, selenium improves condition of hair and nails.

     Each person his products, vegetables and fruit

    To restore the elasticity skin type in the diet hazelnuts , Besides zinc and selenium   in nuts are essential fatty acids, which are also struggling with dry skin, and antioxidants - vitamins A and E that contribute to maintaining youthful skin. In the fight against loss of elasticity   It plays an important role the mineral silicon. It is contained in bran, bulb onions, dried fruit . Loss of skin elasticity, particularly in conjunction with the pallor may indicate a lack of iron. This element is part of hemoglobin and is actively involved in tissue respiration. So, add to your diet products such as lean beef, liver, sorrel, egg yolk, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge.

  • Dry and scaly skin   extremely useful vegetable fats. Olive, corn, sunflower oil, olives, avocados, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, oily fish   contain essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which protect the skin from dehydration. So-called "essential" fatty acids - their so-called because of the fact that the body is unable to produce them on their own, and nothing else can not serve as an adequate substitute for these acids. Omega-3 and omega-6 strengthen the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems, reduce cholesterol and are recommended for many skin diseases. A large number of these acids contained in salmon, sёmge, tuna, herring . Useful for dry skin hazelnuts . If you do, and lip peel, and after the morning washing the face it seems that strongly contracted skin - it's a sure sign of lack of vitamin A. This vitamin is responsible for the normal functioning of sweat glands, restraint moisture and provides elasticity to the skin. Carrots, pumpkin, red peppers   to help fill gaps in vitamin diet.

  • Rough, scaly skin   often speaks of a lack of vitamin B3, protein and amino acids tryptophan, or deficiency of nicotinic acid (vitamin PP). When such a problem Skin should be eating more cereals and bread   wholemeal. It is useful to include in the menu dried mushrooms, bean garlic, cabbage, sweet peppers, potatoes and asparagus.

  • With early wrinkles to help cope nuts . Particularly useful walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds   with their high Vitamin E   and oils that do not give weaken connective tissues, moisturize skin from the inside and protect it from damage and premature aging. It is useful to be rich and low-fat yogurt Vitamin A Contributing to the maintenance of youthful skin cells. And of course useful in all vegetables and fruits containing carotene (a proto-vitamin A) and vitamin C: apricots, peaches, pumpkins, sweet pepper, parsley.

  • Greasy skin   requires more fresh fruit sour , and sauerkraut , Pickled apples. Large doses of vitamin C and fruit acids regulate the sebaceous glands. And not to bring positive effect to a minimum, do not abuse coffee. It enhances the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands. But rye bread, milk products, fruit juices, cooked lean meat, poultry, fish will be very helpful.

  • Fine soft skin with weak vessels   - Drink natural pomegranate juice . It contains anthocyanins, which strengthen the walls of the small blood vessels that carry nutrients to the skin. In addition, regular consumption of pomegranate juice can help prevent the formation of varicose "stars" on their feet. Millet   - If specially created for people with weak tissue, a lot of this grain silicon iron and other micronutrients. Porridge from millet   contains essential amino acids - the building blocks for muscle and skin cells, slowly digestible carbohydrates, cleansing the body from various toxins and waste, vegetable fats, which are necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins, including carotene and vitamin D.

Even if you have normal skin - healthy, elastic, smooth and with little pores to keep it nice and continue - should perform some general guidelines for catering.

  First of all, try to avoid a large number of sweet, fatty, fried, spicy food, spicy seasonings .  Include in the diet of foods containing vitamins A, B, C - they play an important role in regulating functions of the skin and skin glands, pigmentation of the skin .  So, in this menu should be fruit juice, carrots, apples, pumpkins, vegetable oil, cabbage; very helpful lemons and broth hips .  Nutrition - an important but not the only factor affecting the appearance .  Condition skin complexion largely depends on whether you're sleeping enough, it happens Whether you are outdoors, use a make-up and how well it is doing .  One of the main enemies of female beauty - smoking .  Even stay in smoke-filled room can give the skin a sallow hue .  Smoking is often leads to excessive oily skin, and sometimes the effect is the opposite - strong dryness and the appearance of early wrinkles .  And then, and another does not add beauty health and skin!

Only paying due attention to all these factors, you will always look good and your skin will be fresh and smooth.
Author: Olga Travleeva