Hair loss in women: the problem of thinning hair
 Hairdressers are often admired: "Wow, you have such thick hair." During his teenage years, my lush mane subjected to chemical perms, straightening, bleaching and other ruthless torture. But in my second year of college, I began to notice a handful of hair comb, bath strewn with hair. After showering compliments were over, it began worrying.

Sometimes my hair seemed transparent. I spent hours on end, standing at the mirror and examining them closely, turning and shifting, choosing which side they look thicker. I thoroughly permeated head spray volume neutralizing tonics and shampoos for damaged hair. Funds were thick foundation, and her hair became thinner. I "shedding" in the truest sense of the word. I was terribly frightened.

Like the brilliant peacock feathers, hair - secondary sexual explains stylist and hairdresser Mikhail Golovko. "They do not need you to save them from cold or heat, their direct function - make you attractive." We live in a culture of hair, wanting sensual waves as the models Victoria's Secret. It is closely related to sexual attractiveness and self-esteem - polls show that 24% of surveyed women equate hair loss in loss of a lover.

When I began to seriously deal with this problem, my doctor tested me for lupus .  Fortunately, results of the test were negative .  After that, I said that while I was not completely bald, no problem .  In my head there was a question: can I imagine far-fetched .  When my young man passed his hand through my hair, all I felt - it concerns not whether a strand of hair left on his palm .  And if he was not from this nasty? Needless to say, this relationship did not last long, devoid of all confidence and faith in what he could find me attractive like this .  I did not dare to ask their friends, their opinion as absolutely did not want them to somehow focus on my head .  After a while I decided to consult with my dermatologist .  Instead, to dispel my concerns and pass them off as simple vanity, he immediately sent me on endocrine blood test .

There are many causes of hair loss from chemotherapy to stress, but 90% - a genetic feature that needs to be corrected medicines.   In addition, it may be due to thyroid problems, as my endocrinologist, who diagnosed "mild hypothermia". "It's great that you came to me immediately," - she said during my first visit. "Over time, the disease can take more complex and even dangerous forms, especially if you want to have a child. There is no doubt, hair loss during pregnancy - a big red flag. A pregnant woman is diagnosed with hypothermia - the most common cause of mental disability in children."

The average age of women suffering from hair loss - 25-30 years; and if you say that it is a consequence of menopause - I do not believe - this is complete nonsense. Also, we can not just blame our mothers if there is a problem of baldness in geneologicheskoe tree. Unlike male baldness, with the time when the hair falls just locally, hair loss in women is accompanied by a decrease in their volume, making it extremely difficult transplant. The total amount of hair is not always decreasing, but the diameter of each hair is compressed. A very thin hair can not dial long, which creates the effect of a gun on the head.

What is the secret to a successful resumption of growth?   First, you admit that you have a problem. Every day, telling myself to the contrary, you are simply wasting your time. The greater the number of the lost hair you have, the less the likelihood of their re-growth. Do not wait until your poredeet tail and head will be seen through the hair - so you can lose up to 50% of hair. Consult your dermatologist or endocrinologist who deal with the problem of hair.

Last summer, every week I visited a clinic in order to strengthen its fragile and almost live hair. There I learned that the physical stress as well as emotional, can cause hair loss and worsen their genetic loss. When 44-year-old fitness instructor, Maria Ivanova, was hospitalized with an allergic reaction to medication, for 10 days she lost 8 kilos, and her brown hair began to fall intact strands. "People thought I was anorexic," - she said. "The body does not listen to me, and I felt a real danger of the loss of weight and hair loss. It was a nightmare."

Hair loss has a direct impact on the psyche and morale. I spoke to 34-year-old woman who survived breast cancer. She admitted that when she heard the diagnosis, the first concerns arose over her golden curls. "I experienced a double mastectomy (mastectomy), but was more than hurt, deprived of their luxurious hair."

As for me, thanks to two years of regular treatments, I finally reached the stage where the hair began to condense and recover from day to day. But the process was very difficult and the cost is quite expensive.

Think carefully

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Author: Ann, New York