Secrets of health, longevity and harmony of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean
 Every girl certainly tried different diets and convinced of their own experience, or experience of their friends that there are infinitely many diets. In general, a diet - it's something drastic and not always effective. Maybe wise to change your lifestyle for the benefit of itself though.

The inhabitants of every country have the secret of longevity, beauty and a slim figure. Many of us have heard about the Japanese diet, Mediterranean, French, Italian, etc.

Historically, in Russia a certain diet not, as indeed there is some kind of national secret beauty and longevity. So, we will learn from the experience of other countries and take them all only the best. And agree that taking from them we will not just diet and rules of proper nutrition.

It would seem that those foods that we eat, use in many countries, but for some reason, their residents do not suffer from excessive weight as we are suffering from it. What's the secret?

It seems to me that itself no secret. The only difference is in the amount of food eaten and in the culture of this very process.

To change the situation, you need to change your lifestyle . First we need to understand that we do not eat in order to calm their nerves, to seize the stress, and not to eat for a company for something else superfluous. Food we only need to give our body the necessary energy and power to maintain vital processes. All.

To realize this is not easy, even harder to change their lifestyle. Let us remember any family holiday. As he passes? Of course, at the table. All friends and relatives sit around a table together for several hours, periodically rising because of him, for whatever need. Well, if the hero of the occasion or friends prepare an interesting program with contests, dances and other entertainment ...

In general, the picture is about the same everywhere - plenty of festive feast. And if not a holiday, but just come visit, or you have decided to someone to visit. Greatly change the picture there?

 Secrets of health, longevity and harmony of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean

Again the feast, albeit small, or alternatively, tea with something tasty and nutritious creepy. In a word, any of us wants to be seen as friendly and hospitable host, and thus hasten to treat his guest with something tasty. If you even these arguments did not convince, it is enough to even see how we used to drink tea. Mug larger, sausage, biscuit, biscuits ... Does this look like a Chinese tea ceremony, when the process enjoy? The answer is obvious.

 Secrets of health, longevity and harmony of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean

Thus, the main task is clear - to learn to eat right. To do this, examine the menu of various countries and take for himself all the only thing useful.

The correct approach to the food found the inhabitants of the Mediterranean . In the Mediterranean, the main menu includes foods such as pasta, potatoes, rice and bread. Further, all individually and taste. Of course, in the daily diet consists of Not only these products but also vegetables and fruits, cheeses, a slave, well, a little red wine for the appetite.

The selection of such products is very correct. Cereals and potatoes provide us with energy for the day, as they contain many useful vitamins and minerals. They are also responsible for the digestion process and normalize blood cholesterol, and thus protect our heart.

Fruits and vegetables are less useful. Do not forget that vitamins C and E slow down the process of aging.

 Secrets of health, longevity and harmony of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean

So make up the diet for the day . Carbohydrates morning, evening proteins.

- On breakfast   you can quite afford to bakery products, whether the tortilla, pita bread or an ordinary loaf of bread. Residents prefer the Mediterranean breakfast bread with honey or jam. Calories that your body gets during breakfast, have time to spend during the day.

- Lunch . At lunch you can eat a serving of vegetables, as well as some home-made noodles or rice. Who likes that. For the inhabitants of the Mediterranean norm is the use of kg of vegetables per day. This could be potatoes, cabbage, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, etc. No limitations. Apart from all this the olives. They are considered a highlight of Mediterranean cuisine.

- Dinner . For dinner you can prepare seafood. Prepare a dish of trout can, tuna, squid, lobster, mussels, etc. Their usefulness they know everything. The most important thing in their preparation to use as little butter, olive better. Dinner should not be fat, calories.

This is the pledge of longevity and health residents of the Mediterranean.
Author: MIRovaya