Sweet is not only harmful but also helpful ...
 Why women love sweet? After all, however, very rare male slastёny. If you offer a woman choose a favorite food - she likely will take a chocolate, a slice of cake, fruit. And the man? He put on a plate meat, sausage or hot dogs. Scientists have proved that the female body is often just need a sweet, this is due to the effects of sex hormones estrogen on brain tissue and blood sugar level.

Especially our body needs the sweetness in puberty, before menstruation and during pregnancy. So if sometimes you want to, and kind of like you can not, then maybe you can?

Of course you can! In a reasonable amount of sweetness can only help. So what is the use of sweet?

Prolongs youth

Have you noticed that with age, people eat less sweet? With the onset of menopause, estrogen levels decrease, along with the weakening of women craving for sweets. Old women-a sweet tooth - a rarity. It also appears that those who are indulging in sweet, is not subject to the process of decay. Sweets and cakes are constantly replenish the supply of antioxidants, which in turn fight harmful free radicals. The most powerful sources of antioxidants of sweets: honey, chocolate, prunes, raisins.

It helps to cope with PMS

For some reason, always approaching the critical days we want chocolate or some sweet fruit. So the body signals a change in hormone levels. You do not have a desire to simply seize a large number of ordinary food. As a result, because still hard to resist the candy, and you will eat it. So maybe better to just give the body a little bit sweet, not loading it in excess of the rest of the usual food? Magnesium contained in chocolate (just 50 grams, which contains a daily rate, and magnesium), will help relieve the pain in the lower abdomen. Plain cake these days can increase the level of serotonin, a substance that affects our mood.

It increases the chances to become a mother

Nutritionists recommend vitamin E to lean on if you plan to become a mother. It increases the probability of conception. A lot of this vitamin in sunflower oil and halva. Now, many exclude sunflower oil, replacing it with olive oil. Well, that remains halva. It is, of course, much better!

Increases IQ level

 Sweet is not only harmful but also helpful ...
 Among the products that affect brain activity, leadership keep sweets. In the first place - dark chocolate. It is bitter, because chocolate with nuts or chocolate milk - is the extra fat that will not concentrate and can make you slow and a little bit inhibited. Therefore, if you need a brainstorming session - take dark chocolate (namely sugar plus cocoa butter). From nerves, among other things, also helps. Sweet - the only food for the brain, because its cells as food taking only glucose (a day must be no less than 30 grams).

Struggling with stress and bad mood

Sweets provide energy, so necessary in times when something goes wrong. Sugar at 99, 9% - are carbohydrates, and therefore an ideal source of energy. These carbohydrates - fast fuel, they are utilized almost immediately. These Energizer include chocolate, honey, dried fruit. After eating them, we feel a surge of vitality. Humor often depends on the energy in our body. Energizes in stressful situations, it helps to cope with them.

It protects against cold

 Sweet is not only harmful but also helpful ...
 Daily afternoon tea with lemon and chocolate biscuit - not just like taking a break from the work day. You get with the vitamin C, and the smell of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon contribute to the production of immunoglobulin, which is in our body is responsible for the protection against pathogens. No wonder during cold spells so want tea and cake.

It helps to feel happier

A few years ago everyone started talking about the found happiness hormone. And it was revealed in sweets. Sweet produces serotonin (this is the "happiness hormone"), which improves mood. And also increases the level of endorphins, causing a feeling of pleasure. Here it is - the harmony!

I repeat that we are talking about REASONABLE   amounts of sweets. Overdoses are dangerous because excess carbohydrates often turn into fats and deposited in the form of extra kilos. However, attempts to completely eliminate the "sweet" carbohydrates to lose weight, only to lead to neurosis and depression. In general, when suddenly wanted something sweet - do not deny yourself, pamper the body with a piece of light cake. However, at the same time do not forget that the rest of the food a little limited on this day. And do not forget about physical activity!
Author: Julia Gnedina