Today it is fashionable to be healthy!
 Which only tricks not resort we modern women to look their best! Solarium, beauticians, sauna, spa treatments, trendy diets - our services the beauty industry all the news! But look blossoming woman and be her - not the same thing. Do not miss something important if we are in pursuit of the outward signs of health?

How often their poor health, unwillingness to climb out of bed in the morning, we usually explain fatigue nervous congestion and lack of sleep! Colleagues note: "Yes you just have time to leave! "But, after returning from a long-awaited vacation in two weeks, we again feel all the same symptoms. And malaise is still there! But we consider ourselves healthy! And to what doctor to go with complaints of low mood, irritability, and constant weakness? It's like a joke: "You would have complained on his salary! ".

And there is to complain about everything. After all, we did not suspect that these seemingly "harmless" symptoms may be a manifestation of a serious malfunction of the body.

And if they say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul, then it's safe to say that our mood is a reflection of the endocrine, nervous and other body systems. Our body is designed so complicated that even a healthy woman performance varies significantly depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. What to say about a situation where there was a failure!

There is a hormonal imbalance - a situation where some hormones becomes more than necessary, while others - less. At the same time some organs begin to work with explicit congestion, while others, on the contrary, "underperforming." All of this leads to various diseases. Most pathology for a long time does not manifest itself, to put a wanton fatigue and mood swings.

They say that we women are protected from the stress better than men. But the price we pay for it! Constant stress mercilessly beaten on the endocrine system, causing malfunction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and ovaries. We are paying diseases such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and various mastopathy, fibroadenoma and breast cysts, ovarian cysts, and even infertility!

A woman's body is designed fairly well, hormonal imbalance has arisen when the load on the internal organs is redistributed, they "rescue" of each other, to save the whole body. How long can the body to function normally in such a stressful mode? That's who as lucky! It can be quite a trip to the south, all the dormant sores woke up and made themselves felt!

But it also happens that for quite a long time, we are serene, pathology same time becoming more and more persistent. And it was the early detection of such disorders significantly increases the chances of recovery of domestic resources, to prevent dangerous process lead to irreversible restructuring of the whole organism.

We are a vicious circle: the constant lack of time forces us to postpone a visit to the doctor, we have no time to go for specialists and tests. Miracle creams and salon treatments (to them we do not regret the time!), Give only a temporary effect health. The root cause is not eliminated asymptomatic diseases and disorders are becoming more pronounced. And the time to do them as there was no and no!

 Today it is fashionable to be healthy!
 And such examples abound. Says doctor of the clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine Elena Sinitsyn "The most common situation when a woman arrives complaining of fatigue, chronic fatigue, and it appears that this anemia. But anemia from scratch does not arise. Already during the conversation it turns out that the woman has a menstrual irregularities, and after examination it becomes clear that the reason is a serious disease - fibroids, endometriosis, latent or disguised as other diseases. "

Another case from practice Elena Nikolaevna. The woman, after divorcing her husband (stress!) Became an irregular menstrual cycle. The woman agreed that it is a sign of fatigue and six years have not sought help! She did not come herself, her daughter brought so weakened by this woman. It turned out that it has taken all these years for the menstrual period, was nothing like the bleeding! They began to look for the cause, and that uterine fibroids, already big enough.
How often do we women pay attention to their natural biorhythms? After the menstrual cycle, like clockwork the Queen of England - a business card of a healthy woman!

Only a combination of scientific knowledge and modern technology allows to identify violations occurred when they have not given any outward manifestations of the disease. This is the best time to correct them! At the present stage of development of science has created a unique program that best meets the requirements of the modern woman. The "Women's Health" provides an opportunity as soon as possible (for 3-3, 5:00) for a complete examination of the whole body.

The advantage of this program is a systematic approach to diagnosis. Therefore, after detailed discussions with the doctor prescribes a set of studies that will most accurately reflect the state of our body at the moment of treatment.

In addition to diagnostic methods, which are included in the program "Gold standard diagnosis" (ZSD), held traditionally "feminine" study: breast ultrasound, pelvic, breast radiometry, a blood test for tumor markers, determination of hormonal status. This is not a complete list of all tests. Here are exploring even hair and nails! And all in order to create the most complete picture of the processes occurring in the body.

In the final doctor's consultation, we finally get a long-awaited answer to the question: "What is happening to us? ". The doctor gives you all the necessary guidance, as well as a written report with the results of all studies. This conclusion can be accessed by doctors in other centers or clinics. However, as practice shows, it is very rare!

After having plunged into the atmosphere of care, feeling the highest level of medical training, a warm and friendly attitude of all the staff, go somewhere else do not want to! Especially that treatment regimens are unique and have no analogues not only in Moscow but also in Europe.

Let us preserve our health for many years, every woman was full of beauty, love and happiness!