What do I tell the color of the hair of intelligence?
 How many today, we colors and shades offer cosmetics companies. The choice of hair colors just head around. And what nature has given us?


I, being Fair, will start from that type. In the view of people has long brown hair seems "no", in comparison with a brunette and a blonde. But we are not talking in vain. Indeed, despite the fact that the somewhat dark-haired, in them harmoniously basic features of the other three types: the ability for survival, self-preservation, procreation and preservation. And the fact that there are no stereotypes about the Fair, says only that we are well-Masquerading. Haired women feel calm, responsible and reliable, intelligent and hardworking. But many of our representatives often do not even imagine the true natural strength of its type. About haired women say that it is not necessary to look at them as gray mice, because they rule the world. In fact, among women politicians haired women are not so little.

 What do I tell the color of the hair of intelligence?


Brunettes - representatives of an ancient and powerful type. Jewish and Gypsy women were virtually the only winner of black hair in Northern Europe. It is with these peoples and went belief that brunettes have a magical power. Men and pulls to the mystery brunettes, but women look with envy at their trail. And all went to that and gypsy and Jewish women had to survive in the literal sense of the word. They have for centuries felt by persecution. Hence originates cunning and guile, intelligence and aggressiveness. Brunettes - a native of the south, where civilization has developed more progressive, which has left its imprint on the behavior of carriers of dark hair. Brunettes are always considered very intelligent. Today, representatives of this type are willing to take leadership positions. Subconsciously employers find brunettes more assertive and smart.

 What do I tell the color of the hair of intelligence?


Natural blonde, actually not so much as many believe .  Beauty, knows his stuff, so it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from natural blonde dyed .  Only 14% of the female population of Europe - a blonde .  Ancestors were Scandinavian natural blondes .  Only now the problem was such as the continuation of the species .  Husbands swam in the conquest, and they had to wait for months, or even years .  But the conquerors of other nationalities to affordable skandinavok .  Nature took its toll and if Scandinavian had no contact with other men, nation would long ago have become extinct .  But for a long time in the subconscious, both men and many women developed a stereotype for the carriers of light curls: lovely, but limited and very close .  But this stereotype is no essential reinforced .  Blondes IQ is about the same as that of the representatives of other types .  Scientists have conducted many experiments on this subject .  But here is one, nevertheless, an interesting fact: If a group of blondes before testing for a long time to talk about how they are stupid, reinforcing the story with anecdotes about them, then the overall result will be much lower than the one group received up to this story .  Here, as the saying goes, if a person always say that he was a pig - he is, after all, zahryukaet . 

 What do I tell the color of the hair of intelligence?


It is estimated that only 2% of the world's population has red hair .  Of the total mass of red about 10-12% live in Scotland .  In general, somewhere 40% of redheads have Celtic or, as the Romans would say in the past, Gallic roots .  Some scholars are inclined to think red hair mutation others say about UFO factor .  It has long been thought of red women witches, wizards and ranked as other vermin, so the desire to live and educate them in such features as cunning, guile, energy and the ability to quickly and adequately respond to complex situations .  Hence went stereotype that red woman "clever and cunning, clever and dangerous" .  It attracts men, but some women are afraid to make friends with red .  The red-haired intelligent experiments showed the result of lower than others, but even this fact does not prevent them to be successful, not only in his career .  Although it is rather the exception to the rule, rather than the rule itself .  After the release of the movie "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts in the title role, the demand for hair dye colors red rose, not so long ago and the film "The Fifth Element" pushed young girls hair dye in bright red, even the carrot tone .

 What do I tell the color of the hair of intelligence?

And now summarize

Who is smarter: brown-haired, brunette, blonde or red? The answer is obvious. Fluctuations IQ of each of the types presented are not significant to say exactly who is smarter and who is stupid. All of us are smart enough and make some conclusions on the hair color unfair. There are many factors that affect our intelligence. And most importantly, what would be a predisposition to mental force we had, it all depends on how we want to conform to the stereotypes that are tied to our type.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova