Does Scotch-wrinkle and cellulite vacuum cleaner?
 It is believed that the present French can do nothing of the bonnet and scandal. Just think, a Frenchwoman! How about to do anything from Botox, lipo and meso? And you do not think it will be about masked pumpkin and cream of parsley seeds. Although not popular wisdom anywhere!

He calls me once my friend Bob:
- Yuille, you have a vacuum cleaner?
- For the car, or what? - I do not understand.
- No, I need more powerful! Urgent!
Vasilisa two days later flies to Egypt and lead a merciless fight with orange bumps on thighs. And what do you think? Victory!

Yeah, I found a good vacuum cleaner and get rid of cellulite. The main thing in this case is really quite a powerful vacuum cleaner. After Vasin success I tried your car to accommodate this and a little that happened. And this effect is expected approximately after the canned massage. And the feelings, and the results. It is only necessary to grease plentifully thigh cream to cleaner slid well on the skin and do not hurt. No attachments is not necessary, in extreme cases, the nozzle "wide gap", but I did not like, it is better - just apply to the skin tube. If the vacuum cleaner has good power, it will hurt a little, as in the honey or the same can massage, but it says only that something is impossible.

 Does Scotch-wrinkle and cellulite vacuum cleaner?
   And I think after that: and yet there is such detergent cleaners. I wonder what they would have to adapt? What say? Head to wash? Well, it is logical.

And so - can turn a pleasant spring-cleaning. And the apartment is clean and nice body. Just repeat, put on a good vacuum cleaner power. It seems to some advertising a powerful vacuum cleaner man hung upside down and held. Or it was the glue? By the way, about the glue.

The patch, tape and glue
Now, any schoolgirl 12 years and knows that the most important in the victory over wrinkles (and in America a girl eight years since it is truncated because of their crazy mummy, if you remember). Control of emotions, rather, of facial expressions - that's what matters. Emotsionirovat can as much as necessary, but at the little face at the same time must not waver, no muscle. Well, yes, you guessed it, I'm on the amateur versions of Botox and Dysport. Perhaps now you do not sit down to watch "Honeymooners" or «Comedy Lady» without adhesive, glue and tape. But first, a little background.

Incidentally, botox really invented a long time ago. It is believed that more women applied to the face of the Mayan red clay with an ulterior motive, and thus fixed begins to sag skin. Clay - this, of course, not an injection, but the principle is the same: muscle (or at least the upper layers of the skin), as if frozen, new wrinkles do not appear.

Probably, the mask can be considered quite so-so rejuvenating little things. After all, it's great tightens the skin! Of course, just remember the anecdote:
- You that, eyebrows plucked?
- No, I took off the mask!
I wonder after all, where did such an image with a mask? And what were these courageous women, for example, the wife of the military, who hit upon the same to an alternative to Botox and went to bed in a gas mask, but her husband said that the pass rate of the young fighter?

 Does Scotch-wrinkle and cellulite vacuum cleaner?
 And because there's nothing funny here! Let it be known that 100 years ago, the great-grandmother of modern Hollywood beauties were almost the same feat. They went to bed with plaster (in the literal sense of the word), or with clay on his face. It imposes no plaster on his face, and the place the appearance of facial wrinkles: forehead, nasolabial folds, eyebrows, at the outer edges of the eye. They wake up and washed away. But soon I found an agile manufacturer and put the idea into a stream and now commercially available patches Frownies with precise instructions on where and how to attach it. Patches glued to the night of the trouble spots to avoid forming wrinkles at night.

In general, the idea of ​​a clay or plaster liked. I now think more about gravity. After all, it is also necessary to cope ... Maybe something like hairnets try? Hee hee, my poor husband!

 Does Scotch-wrinkle and cellulite vacuum cleaner?
 And about the scotch I'll say this: patches of blackheads using? So, this Stationery nothing worse. Just not the fusion tape, which are packed TVs and refrigerators. And such a pretty, rosy, soft and thin transparent tape, which is on your desktop. I liked this, with drawings - faces of Winnie the Pooh is very pleasing to the eye when you pass by a mirror with tape on his chin. More white glue on the good black spots, only liquid he some recently sold, it is inconvenient to use.

This hemorrhagic
Another of my friends, even without even knowing told about an interesting discovery of beauty. "These circles, this is a hemorrhagic! "- Cried once she said. And I was right, by the way. In one of the UK's Internet publications seriously discussed the problem and helps you from hemorrhoids ointment for ... Circles under the eyes. Half of discussing said yes, and the other immediately went to the pharmacy for hemorrhoid cream. And yet I found a number of experts, confirmed what British women that cream that reduces dilated capillaries - this is exactly what you need from the dark circles under the eyes. And this cream is available in every drugstore - for hemorrhoids, sorry.

... And the weather
So, it seems, was terminated by the transfer in the recent past. I also conclude weather. Rather, with all its consequences. Well, for example, how to get under the rain after a professional make-up session in the cockpit favorite beauty Ile de Beaute? Long-lasting make-up - a dream and almost a little problem to be solved, despite the best efforts of manufacturers. Anyway, something tells us that the best primer will not withstand heavy rain, the water-resistant ink will not sustain your love for scuba diving, and the most resistant lipstick is eaten with dessert. There are courageous women who applied to the face ... hairspray (strong hold!) And down, at least in the swim pool with luxurious smoky. This, of course, terribly, but they say that "works" perfectly.

 Does Scotch-wrinkle and cellulite vacuum cleaner?
 Before that there were examples from the category of "possible", now - "do not try." You came to mind looking at a luxurious pearlescent nail polish, it would be so great if the same divine texture lying lips, and something like varnish, glitter - on the eyelids? You say, "you, you, as soon as possible! ". Well, yes, I understand. But when the hands are sometimes traces of nail polish, because it is currently not erased or crack ... What if?

By the way, do not rush me to talk about my mental faculties. Even a prima Aboriginal style and Daphne Guinness has recently admitted that lipstick nail polish. The effect is, incidentally, one that we all expect from a good nail polish plus luster. There is another problem. It will take a good sandpaper to all this beauty at least a couple of days away. And during this time, you can swallow formaldehyde that milk from harm require three times the amount. Therefore, stop, stop, stop. Beautiful, but not realizable.

I foresee all sorts of "phi" the girls with money and plenty of time. I agree, I agree, a good spa is no substitute, and an electric toothbrush or a mixer will never Klarisonikom. Yes, and do not need it. But there is no more boring spectacle than the lady at the gym with a straight face. A healthy share of self-irony and a dose of creativity are in fact perhaps the most crucial things in the care of their own beauty and youth.
Author: Olga Larsen