Summer as a pretext for the novel
 Summer - the perfect time for new acquaintances, vivid novels. In the summer, after the spring awakening of the senses, come and fresh attitude that "you never know" can end a marriage. In the summer, especially in June, the mood is such that you do not want to work at all, the cause is the thought of the opposite sex with whom tempted to spend all your free time.

Veresova Lisa, the heroine of the novel "Burnt ball", met with Dmitry Panin, too, in the early summer, when the air Summer Garden of sweet scents of flowering limes. But fate did not allow young people to continue the acquaintance by sending Lisa to marry an architect, and Dmitry marrying the daughter of the provincial governor. It was only after many years of the five young men met again - the passion and instantly broke out again.

In Pushkin's time was equivalent to a divorce scandal, shame. If such do occur, only with the permission of the Emperor. So lovers - Lisa and Mitya - forced to hide the relationship, "led by the nose of others" not to give cause for gossip.

Veresova Lisa realizes that the mystery associated with Dmitry, and this concerns the mystery of his marriage. According to one source, the wife of Dmitry, Catherine, poisoned, another source claims that Katherine is in good health and is preparing to become a mother. Neither one nor the other option does not suit Lisa, she desperately jealous.

When the relationship between the two lovers is heating up, Lisa discovers that her intently follows the stranger - as if studying her habits and urban routes. The man does not show any faces or clothing, wrapped in black, so afraid of being exposed. In addition to the unpleasant situation on your nerves Lisa killed a close relative, whom she trusts and who selflessly loves. Soon she dies, another woman with whom Lisa recently had a chance to meet. The heroine of the book realizes that strange deaths occurred not by chance. Something tells her that Dmitry, its tender and passionate lover, is not so simple, and that mystery that it hides, is about to be revealed.

Lovers parted, each returns to his former life. Lisa falls under the suspicion of the investigation because the woman saw the crime scene, too much like Lisa, dressed the same way. But Lisa knows that innocent, begins to unravel the mystery of their own. Miraculously tracks down a criminal, but can not cope with it and was almost killed in a burning building.

Not all love stories end equally happy. "Tired ball" - a book with a sad ending. Although Lisa, the heroine of the book, does not die, its share fall ordeal, in addition, it does not know whether her lover alive.

The same happens to some of us: falling in love is not the person we are suffering, unable to influence the situation. Still more confused when interested in personal gain men "dragged the blanket over himself."

"Tired ball" - not a tragedy, not a detective, not a love affair. Rather, alloy listed, adventurous fiction. And, definitely, picking up a book, the reader will not get bored for a minute.

 Summer as a pretext for the novel

An excerpt from the book "Burnt ball"