The reasons for the incredible success of the new advertising face Oriflame - Tina Kandelaki
 Personality charming and confident Georgians Tina Kandelaki (known to us as Tina Kandelaki) has always been perceived ambiguously on Russian television. But the majority of our compatriots admired her intelligence and potential. And taken as an example as one of the few women who have reached amazing heights in his beloved field of activity outside their homeland.

The peak of her success in show business began recently signed a contract promising to 2 million. Dollars from the Swedish company Oriflame, according to which Tina over the next 2 years should be of cosmetics brand. The contract, which raised the bar of achievement for Russian star (the maximum for which the fees are shooting in advertising has never reached such amounts).

Single-minded women that focus on idols are probably wondering - why cosmetics company with an international reputation has chosen Tina as a person of some of its new products?

 The reasons for the incredible success of the new advertising face Oriflame - Tina Kandelaki
What helped recognizable traits leading to present themselves favorably brand management?

Life values ​​and exceptional thank Tina
First of all, the company Oriflame decision due to the fact that the image of Tina associated with girls and women who designed its branded products, with surprising success. What preceded this image of a TV star?

 The reasons for the incredible success of the new advertising face Oriflame - Tina Kandelaki

From the first appearance of Tina Kandelaki years in show business, Russians see it as a non-standard Georgian. If typical of girls her nationality (accustomed to the patriarchal way of life), the main priority in life is considered to be successful marriage, then they became Tina's own professional success. Becoming the wife of a businessman middle-income (and having given birth to two children by him), she continued steady path up the career ladder.

It is noteworthy that the earlier talented Kandelaki (known for some programs on the radio "Echo of Moscow", the TV program "Unreal politics" and "Two Star" and one of the most popular Russian TV projects - "The Smartest") received a lucrative offer to film in box office movies and serial episodes. However, this recognition it once brought awards in the categories "most stylish TV presenter», «Top 10 Sexy» (handed to her as the sexiest leading), "The best talk show host." And the victory of its author's project "Smart School" in the contest "Runet Prize 2011" (in the "Science and Education").

All these components of glory lead helped her stand out favorably among the hundreds of other Russian stars. At the same time, in her own words, Tina attracted by the idea of ​​cooperation with the company, helping the girls to take steps to financial independence (the price of which she knew very well).

The special charm of the famous Georgians
While on the other hand, perhaps the secret lies in the choice of its positioning? The fact that the brand Oriflame, according to the founders of the idea, originally known for its focus on natural beauty. And today, in the descriptions of its cosmetic products are often referred to the fact that they are designed to emphasize the natural charm of each woman.

 The reasons for the incredible success of the new advertising face Oriflame - Tina Kandelaki
Make a bet on the naturalness and decided the star. In preparation for the shoot she asked cosmetologists not visually change the structure of its skin. He explained this by saying that he wanted to demonstrate the importance of proper care and balanced diet in maintaining youthful skin.

Is it possible, based on this, take a gentle face Kandelaki with exquisite natural features (which never touched the gun Plastic Surgeons) ideal for presenting unique products Oriflame? This, of course, time will tell. And whether it helps to emphasize the best features of the new cosmetics - many of us can understand now (flipping through the pages of the latest catalog Oriflame).
Author: Alla Pilipenko