To attract a man. How?
 Surely, we paid attention to the fact, as in other girls (women, girls) deftly turns to grab the attention of all the surrounding men. And it seems, is not so beautiful (I'm much prettier), and dressed so-so, and the men to her, sorry, stick like flies! So what is the secret of the magic of an attractive woman?

For a start I suggest to get acquainted with simple features of male psychology.

We all know that man loves his eyes. Therefore, the outer part of the appeal is of great importance, but ... insufficient. Because man loves (and wants to) the eyes of the woman who loves herself (and, pardon the pun, wants to)!

Try to ask yourself:

1. I love my body, I enjoy it? I want you?
2. I like my appearance?

If you felt a hitch in answering these questions, there were all kinds of "if ...", "... but", "might", or other signs of insecurity, there's your first problem. The man you react exactly the same as you assume. Love yourself and your body must be unconditional.
Remember auditory training from the movie "The most charming and attractive"? "I - the most charming and attractive. Every man turns around after me .... " Start with this. You can insert the words in the auditory training, those who are just pronimat you to the core. Many psychologists are advised at the time of this anger management to look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy, to find the beauty in yourself and have the pleasure of seeing. In short, start to love your body, feel sexy, alluring, attractive!

Next. Men do not like shyness, self-contained, closed women. It is they, the men, can be closed, impenetrable, frowning, and even shy. And it's sometimes like some women, their intrigues. But we women, so be prohibited. It is only in the women's series, she - gray mouse, lost in himself, and he - the prince on a white horse, and wins it! If a woman is shackled, embarrass yourself and relationships, the man does not come near to it. Because she (unconsciously, of course) one does not admit to himself. But do not confuse the concept! Being the opposite, it is not to be easily accessible, vulgar! It means to be sensual, to cease to be ashamed of yourself, love sex (just radiate sex), to be free, liberated, open, warm, inviting, smiling.
How to do it? If you feel a shyness, isolation, fear, etc., you must deal with it. You can go to a psychologist. For example, it is very important for the normal formation of psychological episode woman is the beginning of menstruation. How was it in your life? How is your parents react? Ideally, you have admired the Pope: "You are my princess, now you've become even more attractive! "Mom congratulations:" You grow up, my girl. " That is, in the soul of the girl is necessary to experience the holiday, looseness (no shame in this. Shame the beginning of monthly projected to shame with men), warmth, love, acceptance.

If you feel a stiffness, this exercise can help. Think, imagine a situation in which you conduct yourself with men easily liberated, attractive (and like men). Secure, remember their state. And enter it every time you are in the company of the opposite sex. Of course, at first it will be difficult and embarrassing. But ... if you want to be attractive, you will have to go through it.

Men, as we know, like women feminine. We all know this fact, but often can not understand exactly what it represents femininity and how to get it! Femininity (like everything else) is that my daughter has absorbed from the mother. If mom unfeminine, then my daughter will be the same. Femininity is what you can feel, feel.

Good for those who imbibed it with mother's milk. What about someone who is not? For example, if the parents "on the vine" cut off your femininity education (raised as a boy, or Puritan rule)? Such women will have to make a little effort to work on them.

Femininity is a special state of fullness of the feminine energy. Feel her, female. It is in you is, it is the inherent nature, you just have not yet been allowed to release his woman. What is the female energy? It is an endless stream of state of peace, serenity, tenderness. When you're in this state, it seems that you wrap a soft, cozy blanket and pillow and you are in them taesh, relax, and you yourself as a pillow ... Or maybe it's an easy warm breeze and comfortable summer day. Everyone has their own ideas and feelings common one: to be in their extraordinarily nice.

It is said that the female energy can be filled. To do this well stand barefoot on bare earth, "let the roots into the earth, and through them through the left foot filled with feminine. We fill the feminine from his mother - land. " If it's bad weather, you can "take root" in the ground from the feet through the floor, through the floors of your home, straight into the ground. Many - many roots. And feel the energy of the earth is, it enters you through the female body - the uterus and spreads throughout the body, chest, hands, head, and goes into space. This stream is continuous. You can fill them as much as you want.

This exercise is one of the techniques I learned in the women's training. I think your city is not a problem to find similar training and age his woman. It is, however, noted that to be trained little. To visit the training, then get in touch, to feel, to understand what it is, but that does not mean to become such. To become a necessary methodically to build in all the skills and status. Women's status should cease to be a holiday and relaxation, and should become a regular, ordinary and natural.

So, we have made all the necessary efforts. For example, we have already started to feel the beauties, we have ceased to be ashamed of yourself and relationships, we womanly ... maybe it's time to fight? And all would do, but here you must remember about one particular man. Men by nature conquerors! You may have noticed when a woman takes the initiative (to invite a man on a date, he says about his liking), then none of this good will come out. Well ... if you do not want to always steer relations and drudge relations alone, then this method is not exactly for you!

For this to attract a real man, a woman needs a man to provoke the first steps.

How to do it?

Firstly, filling all those conditions that you already know (love for the body, female condition, looseness, attractiveness) .  Feel around you extend female fluids, and you are in this state enjoy their a .  You are so soft, warm, alluring, mysterious woman .  Feel like changing your voice, movement, gait .  And send it all to the object of seduction .  And in any case, do not hide their feelings towards this man! You also have to like it! Look at it and imagine, feel how he hugs you, and as the goose bumps on your body with pleasure (Ooooh, how men react and capture this view !!!!) .  You can also apply all the ladies 'tricks' the way Shooting eyes, "oh, I accidentally fell down, help me please" (men love to be strong and to help women ... well ... in the period) .  In general, remember all the films about women's tricks and courtship safely apply them in practice .  Only, all this should be natural, your, not feigned .  Perhaps the first time will not work .  And Moscow was not built! Do you still ahead, consider the first attempt - the first step on the road to success!

And in conclusion, I want to say. Cease to want to win the man :-). Why do you need? Love yourself, enjoy life. All of you want (well, almost all) can give herself. Here and be myself, get maximum enjoyment from loneliness and freedom.

And let men do you win!

Author: Natalia Moskalev (Adalin)