Be confident!
 Dreams of becoming more self-confident? Take Action! Look at yourself in a new way: Review the installation, respect themselves and their choices, love their uniqueness. And prepare for success!

1. Tune in confidence

As often as possible repeat to yourself that you can do anything! Especially if you're in some doubted. Doubt - a reason to change the setting, and not give up. Confident she firmly believes in themselves, in their strength and in their success. Understand the situation are given to successful experiences and memories. If you do not satisfied, try to look in a different way: "minus" sign - read: "uncertainty" need to cross at the sign "plus" - read: "confidence." Know that we have endless possibilities. Remember the familiar feeling when grow wings and you're confident one hundred, two hundred, even a thousand percent. And it turns out, as if by magic. And now recognize fairy who? And whose is the stick? Of course yours! You - sorceress, and you yourself you direct the situation in the right direction, so that the result was the most wonderful, worthy of you. You can do anything when you believe in yourself. That did not brake his success.

2. Respect yourself

Never criticize yourself, especially in front of others! Respect yourself, and then you will respect the others .  Simply criticizing than working to eliminate the causes of .  Once and for all give up in favor of self criticism .  Would you like again and again to put themselves in such a disgusting situation where you do not feel that attractive? Are you aware that the state will attract other similar situations? To avoid this, each time stop myself once caught on the thought of his own dissatisfaction and then offers solutions .  For example, you are embarrassed of your body, and every time you feel uncomfortable when you have to change clothes in the locker room fitness club, go to the beach or making love the light .  So now you're revising your diet, connected daily exercise, physical exercise, choose a lotion for the body with pleasant aroma, buy anti-cellulite cream and becomes the most beautiful .  And you will have the body that you rightfully be proud!

 Be confident!

3. Plug affirmations

Often, you may need only a small, but powerful incentive to climb to a new rung of the ladder of success, but something inhibits and makes you doubt yourself .  Familiar? That "something" - your old non-productive setup .  And with that "something" must-do something .  Understand that your outdated negative perceptions about itself - the result of the past .  But you have grown! You're not going to continue to wear the things you are small, right? Plants - the same thing! Do you think, considering himself fails, you'll get a lot? For example, be sure to vospolzueshsya dizzying chance or you can apply yourself correctly? Hardly .  So, it's time to "dispose of" installations that you slow down and plant new ones, which will serve as a great kick, I'm sorry for your ass inflated you to rise higher and higher .  And no need to feel sorry for yourself! Himself must love! In order to "clean up" subcortex necessarily be repeated many times, and every day useful affirmations .  Use phrases such as, "I am confident," "I'm a lot", "I love myself" .  Think about what is important to you, and make up your own optimistic affirmations .

4. Be friends with optimists

It is said that happiness - is contagious. Communicating with optimistic people, you are being charged with positive energy, and clearly convinced that life is really beautiful and amazing, and anything is possible. Moreover, you see a real example of how to achieve the desired, and enjoy every day a new miracle.

 Be confident!

5. Recognizes the victory

Compare yourself with someone - the most stupid idea! We are all unique, and there are no identical girls, as there is no light on the two identical snowflakes. But you can be proud of their own progress and success! Remember, unless you were so sure of herself, say, 5 years ago? You learned a lot during this time: know yourself better and become more feminine, right? You - a clever, and now you can do anything!

6. Bring the right thing

Want to be sure? Behave like a confident woman! With dignity and optimism. And others will treat you accordingly. Straighten your posture, chest out - come and win. Follow gait, voice, particularly intonation and gestures. Look into the eyes of the interlocutor. Smile - cheerfulness draws!

 Be confident!

7. Be open

The changes begin with a bright mood! To begin to live in a new way, you just need to ... start living! Do not put off our plans for later - Dari joy of right now! So you not only learn to give yourself more, increases self-esteem, but also to let a lot of good in his personal life. What you want to do right now? Prepare the most delicious in the world Mojito, watch your favorite comedy with friends, throw the trash out of the house or have a big party, which will long remember with admiration and look at the beauty of the host? Discover their talents, show their uniqueness, to realize the potential! All this is yours, "chip", flavor and originality. And so it boosts self-confidence! You rightly can be proud of!
Author: Hope Cherepenina