Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!
 Dear women! That ended the "popular vote" to award "Golden phone - 2009", during which you have given your heart the best phone of the year. Despite the fact that last year can not be called the year of "female" phone, two models of the three involved in the competition won prizes. We thank you for your support! In this publication we would like to combine business with pleasure - on the one hand, to talk about the results of the voting, on the other - to hold a kind of buyer's guide. Ready? Then proceed.

Let's start with the most interesting women's category " Best Design "I scored a victory in which the model LG BL40. New Chocolate, continuing the tradition of the first "chocolate" (model year 2006 - LG KG800) remember glossy black design, the elongated body (and with it the elongated touch screen with incredible resolution) and high functionality. The average cost of the phone at the moment is about 20 thousand rubles. Largely because of the high cost of the owners of this phone is not much. So if you decide to buy this model, you will probably be able to emphasize their individuality.

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

Third place in the same category I took another image component model - Sony Ericsson Pureness. The singularity of this phone is a transparent screen - look at the picture below, and you will understand what is at stake. That is, put the phone on the surface of a subject, you can clearly see what is under the phone ... through its screen. Note that a similar idea not so long ago we saw the company LG - model LG GD900, however, there was a transparent keypad. Returning to the Sony Ericsson Pureness, we note that this phone is sold in the main department store of the country - the Central Department Store (by the way, TSUM, we not only one on Petrovka, but in the Barvikha Luxury Village). The average cost of the phone - about 35 thousand rubles. Recommend it to purchase, we, alas, can not. Painfully, the amateur has turned this model. Exotics.

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!
Sony Ericsson Pureness - mobile phone with a transparent screen

By the way, returning to the theme of "transparent" phone I would like to ask the women a question: what do you like the idea - with the transparent keyboard or with a transparent screen?

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!
LG GD900 - phone with transparent keyboard

What else happened in the Prize "Golden Phone - 2009"? Which phones can recommend to buy, or at least look at them? For example, if you love to listen to music on your phone - look for model Nokia X6. She won first place in the category " Best Music Phone ". The price is high (about 20 thousand), the design for the amateur, high functionality.

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

If you want a music phone with a touch screen, but the high cost deters - take a look for the Nokia 5530, the runner-up in the music category. Should this phone is several times cheaper than the Nokia X6, modest functional but not much of a difference women feel - that's for sure.

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

For women who like to take pictures, but are not able to consistently carry the camera - can be recommended multimedia phone Sony Ericsson Satio. It will serve you as a faithful assistant for solving "all in one". With handy Satio, you can always make a quality picture, play 3D-games, listen to music, etc. I think that this phone is not in vain won the nomination "The best camera phone." The average cost of this pleasure - 25,000 rubles. On consumer choice are three colors - the phone is available in black, burgundy and silver.

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

To teenage children , Relatives and acquaintances as a gift can come several models of medium-price segment. Our Awards such phones have participated in the nomination " Optimal purchase ". Unconditional victory in the nomination won the model Samsung S5230 Star - and deservedly! Indeed, for 6000 rubles you get a phone with a touch-screen widgets (ie be able to customize the desktop in its sole discretion), a good camera, the ability to listen to music, surf the web and much more!

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

You might be surprised, but this phone has even cheaper version! This model Samsung S3650 Corby (third nomination), which costs 1,000 rubles lower than the above described S5230 Star. The difference is minimal in terms of functionality - the principle is the same, but slightly worse than the camera (2 megapixels).

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

Incidentally, good advice - if you decide to give some of the above two phones, set "between times" the question "What phone do you use? "Besides, who is scheduled to make this gift. Painfully common data model, so there is a risk to give exactly the same phone.

Finally, we try to get an answer to another important question - what to give your loved February 23 ? Options - weight! Maybe luxury phone with a maximum set of features? Just you dare? Ready to spend a decent amount of money? Then - proceed to consider potential candidates for the role of a gift.

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

HTC HD2 - the best phone of 2009 according to the opinion of Internet users Who took part in the vote. This smartphone - the "tip of technology", which is all that you can imagine! Huge touch screen, which has no equal on this day, the built-in 5 megapixel camera, powerful processor, a huge amount of internal memory, the ability to work with office documents and much more! The average price today - about 28-30 thousand rubles.

 Best Phones 2009: women have made their choice!

Samsung i8910 HD - Editor's Choice , Another functional "monster" ready to compete on equal terms for the preference of the buyer. On the side of the smartphone - 8-megapixel camera allows you to take pictures not only of high quality but also record videos in HD-quality. So you can easily view videos captured on a computer monitor in front of TV - while certainly not pozhaluetes quality. Needless to say that this device is practically all that is currently willing to provide mobile technology. Such a gift will cost you 20-22 thousand rubles.

Believe me, man will appreciate such a gift! After all, as they say, all the men in my heart - children :) Such, though far from children's 'toys' no joke zavlekut representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Well, ladies, on this, we probably finish the story of the best phones of 2009. We hope that now you have learned to discover something new and interesting area of ​​the phone, and received useful and practical advice. For a complete list of nominations and the winners can in the final article on the site.


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Author: Marina Tumovskaya