Best-selling author and analyst Natalya Tolstaya answers questions MyCharm
 "He loved her more than all the others, but he needs others to verify this." And it is - the truth! How often do we permanently remove password from his heart - always cross out the phone number, erase all the "fingerprints" of meetings and proudly sit at the window. Beautiful, young (or parodying them), but lonely. So what? Who is right and who is wrong? When we build bridges instead of walls, it is unlikely to stray happiness will be ranked on the maze. About how in any situation to be a woman - beautiful, wise and happy - in an exclusive interview with beauty myCharm told bestselling author and analyst Natalya Tolstaya.

- Natalia's start with the "pre-marital" period. If the girl herself provides, before it inevitably raises the question - to invest "a" (trendy clothes, expensive beauty salons, etc.) in order to attract potential "prince" or not to focus on his personal life and saving on physical appearance, collecting money for an apartment? Which option you think the most promising?

- If saving the appearance makes it possible to raise the money for an apartment, I do not know what kind of apartment .  I invite people to live here and now .  As for the appearance, depending on how much she earns, for as it should look like .  Very well-paid "pig" will be a surprise to others .  In every social stratum a person should look a certain way .  This product is in demand when it looks beautiful .  For example, there is a wonderful foundation - "Ballet", the best of this cream I have not met in the world of cosmetics .  And many know this, but for some reason, when we go to the store, buy something repulsive Polish cosmetics in a beautiful package .  The box, which is not ashamed to get it out of the bag .  Now back to the question of the choice of beauty or housing .  Picture this: you meet is "pig", which raises money for "samochnoe Nest", which is likely to be located in a prestigious building with concierge .  After all, the less we do not agree .  And she - unkempt, no manicure, no makeup - goes to his goal .  The way a person moves to fulfill his dream as he looks at it, one can understand his thought-forms .  It is only by removing debris from their road, you can clearly see the path . 

Not so long ago I bought a new car, which stood under the balcony four months. I understand that I need to change clothes, change your clothes to match the car. So in my life there was a stylist Tanya Smyslina. I would like to match, I want to feel "at ease". So back to the question, I can say that to save himself for the contribution to the apartment - this is called the wait when you're happy. Even the monster in a fairy tale "The Scarlet Flower" has not waited happiness - and fell asleep like the dead on a bed with a flower. Leaving out the garbage, many recommend to dye eyelashes. And there is some kind of insanity. It is not known where the fate overtake. Maybe He is at this time will pass by and ask you about something. So you will find your happiness. And the fact that the fate of the wish to look for you in the apartment, which you are going to a lot of years, little chance.

Yes, and if the woman fanatically collects at the apartment, so she lives in fear that her someday someone will say, "Get out of my house" .  And here we must clearly understand that the woman collecting money for an apartment at all costs, madly afraid to be alone on the street .  If a woman earns well, it must correctly allocate your budget into three parts .  First, it carries a purse in which money is the money to .  With the money she will buy tights, coffee and walk in beauty salons .  Thus, a woman puts a certain budget in their appearance .  Beautiful, you can be in the ordinary underwear purchased in the underpass, but with chiseled figure .  The second part - "perehvatnaya" .  She kept the house and it can be accessed when the purse end cash .  And the third - a bank account where the money is going to the big things .  When a woman has the right to distribute the financial content, it also intelligently applies to your life .  Choose between beauty and well-being, I would not .  Select and recommend, both . 

 Best-selling author and analyst Natalya Tolstaya answers questions MyCharm
   A woman who earns, should understand that the beauty and well-being - related things. It comes so beautiful in any room, and 30 percent of the additional factors that it will sign a paper that she will smile colleagues already in its kitty success! A mouse came in a gray sweater with a dirty head - so all of a careerist, which gathers itself in the hole, so what? The image of something ugly! The man positioned himself so that whatever he wanted to be. He says, "I AM! "

The more you want something, and you hold that thought next to him, do not let the Universe, thus you prevent it from doing its job.

- What can you say about the appearance of media personalities? After all, many of them believe looks pass to the world of fame.

- The media people can be divided into three smaller groups - the glamor, pop and bohemians. So, bohemians - writers, well-known doctors and actors - do not care what brand your jacket, it's like diamonds in your earrings, or pebbles, which are well shine, because for them to look good and expensive - are two different things . In glamorous representatives of Czech jewelry full of all the so-called blestyashek. Even if we look at the dresses quite wealthy stars, they evoke emotion. As for pop music, they simply can not live without shiny pants. They have positioned themselves well, because nothing else can show. And if you look at the housing bohemia, glamor and pop ... Everyone wants to comfort and beauty, and trinkets add each to your liking.

- Natalia, it is no secret that a woman who falls in love, lose weight quickly, and when it receives a "treasured groom" to their husbands, gaining extra weight (stability, especially food). Over the years, the trend progresses, and the wife to the husband begins to seem thick and ugly. How can a woman be saved from the "inevitable" consequences of the marriage in the form of excess weight? How to maintain state when fed "emotion" rather than calories?

- I do not want to equate the "falls" and "recovering" .  When a woman has a man who is caring for her, and that in love with her, the first of its desire - to feed his chosen .  So it turns out that feeds the one who loves more .  And start walking the cafe serves cakes ice cream .  In any case, the woman will inevitably recover, and then starts to operate the mechanism of healthy egoism .  If a woman stops like myself in the mirror, then raise your ass and go to the fitness center .  If it suits itself for what it is, then this has nothing to do .  I know that many buy their diet pills and home fitness equipment .  But most of the time forget to drink tablets, and the simulator is used as a dust collector .  There is no universal advice, how to maintain a condition where a woman eats emotions, they can not eat .  Often the loved ones we offer psychological support, but at a certain moment we abandon the people who can only listen to us .  So it turns out .  We go to meetings with those with whom we share some interest .  From the talk, little has changed in this life .  A feed is necessary all the same calories, not emotions .  Only properly .  The woman, in their structure resembles a rubber doll - inflates and deflates .  The woman four times a month hormonal changes .  Hormones in the body God gave the woman as spirits in a bottle . 

As soon as we start to abuse not only food, but also birth control pills, sedatives and nonsense, immediately bring down the schedule of the body .  Do not spend much on spiritual nourishment and emotional "eating" .  That's the way people - it needs a change .  When we find the human soul, the first of what we dream about peace, laziness and inaction .  We dream about how we will sit together on the beach, how we travel, or lie arm in arm in the evening in front of TV .  Rarely who dream of that together carry bricks at a construction site .  Laziness, idleness and inactivity, in any case brings stagnation and stagnation brings an increase in weight .  Corrects those whose aim was to get married .  If the goal is achieved, the woman turns to the female, who always wears an old bathrobe and curlers on her head, and thus will not leave the house .  But this is not the woman with whom a man would sign the registry office .  Soon the man asks, "Where is the woman with whom I met? " .  It is necessary to maintain your personal beauty .  Also, the women make the mistake that lead himself up just for the sake of her husband .  This is a bad motivation . 

 Best-selling author and analyst Natalya Tolstaya answers questions MyCharm
   A woman should be happy with themselves. Remember mechanism when we are just starting to lose weight. This is the same true happiness - to see themselves in the mirror postroynevshuyu and beautiful. This is the best incentive when you know - all I get, I will be even better! The man is happy when going to the purpose. That's the way people are. We kiss your soul sports appearance, spiritual fulfillment, children, home, performing life-saving programs. Harmony is born, even when a woman carries home cleaning. It is necessary to feed your emotions, because if we wait for the emotions of men, it remains unsatisfied, because he gives us malokachestvenny product, and then we recover. Man "kosyachit" we forgive. Even if it's perfect, then two years later you say, "I'm not happy." Believe me, I heard a Rublevki prolonged howl.

- Let's talk about the modern ideals of beauty. Men always like women who are confident in themselves. How plump gain this confidence against general fad diets and "bogotvoreniya" translucent models?

- Conceit - is what you think about yourself. Self-awareness - that's how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. Say plump "love yourself for who you are," it is certainly not to me. If she feels insecure in such a shape, then his feet under the sofa, download the press, give myself up. As for the semi-transparent models, they are no one worships.

At the time, Kustodiev painted chubby plump with bulky "caterpillar" hips. But those days are gone - the tracks in this life is run slower. Although there are examples pyshechek, self-confident to the point that enviable man stacks lie at their feet. They drive them by ties of expensive shops and dressed so that any model would envy!

I once asked a plump question: "Do you want to lose weight? ". She said, "Why? My husband saw this, so he loves. If I lose weight, I would lose all its charm. " Each item is a merchant.

I am absolutely confident that between love and weighing no relationship. I understand that when a woman fanatically hones his "package" to perfection, it is a kind of compensation systems and that it something not achieved in this life. But at the same time, if a woman does not have, it is obliged to at least look good. Women have so much competition. Men "snapped." They were in the queue are young boys (gay), a beautiful girl traveling to the capital from the periphery, boorish and flirtatious drinking beer with a man and his brain is not loaded. Real women to attract attention is very difficult.

If you feel good about yourself, then you love yourself for who you are. Love! And if you're starting to annoy automatically annoy her children and her husband, who at the first opportunity will smile woman in lacy stockings. But at the same time we must take care not only about looks, but about content. Choose your seat and corresponding. That's the way life is.

- Experience shows that husbands do not always go away from their wives to a beautiful woman. It turns out, the exterior got nothing to do with it? And you can fearlessly walk around the apartment in the old dressing gown and curlers?

- Any woman who reads the interview will agree with me that it is necessary to walk fearlessly through the apartment in her robe and curlers, because you can not always live in the circus. What kind of house where you always should be in good shape - in bridzhiki, high heels and extended eyelashes? Yes, these women have. But now we are talking about the model of a woman who does nothing but only creates a good mood her man. Houses also have to go in a bathrobe and curlers.

 Best-selling author and analyst Natalya Tolstaya answers questions MyCharm
   For beauty, as well as to the ugliness, quickly become accustomed. I'm in a chair crying so much beauties sitting right decision aristocratic posture. I tell her: "You can sit right? "She replies:" I can not, it's a habit. " Yesterday ate pasta today without eggs can not eat. Yesterday, telling vulgar jokes, now laughing with closed mouth. It is a circus! All unnatural, and the man he very quickly bored. He wants to find something real. So he goes to this woman, to the present-veselushka Laughs, it is to the present, not to the one who thinks that the husbands from their wives go to a beautiful woman. Fear of "do not like me" - the second fear for fear of death. Are you afraid of separation - do so, to be liked.

- You mean, you can walk home in his shirt?

- Do you know how well-liked by not made up in curlers, in his shirt, without underwear? Here, suppose a woman in this way is cleaning the floor, and then he comes home from work. Well make love, only opening his coat on the landing. Love has so many different masks! And I think that the houses need home clothes, and a woman can be anyone - including in the head and a mask on his face. How many men complain that come to his mistress, and not to relax. They say: "We were sitting in jeans as two well-dressed clown." The house is a house. It should smell of bread in the house has to be a lyrical mess that it created a kind of accommodation. And all the time to go his toes, heels impossible. You can walk barefoot and reduce this man insane. Everyone has their own secrets.

- As a psychologist, tell me, please, how much changed the perception of a man a woman, when they begin to live together. After all, before a joint life it has always been made up and raspomazhena and houses almost always without makeup in the morning, "battered and disheveled?" What is the role played by this factor in the issue of loss of sexual interest in his wife?

- If a man has sexual interest is directed to the fact that his woman-princess, then of course it becomes to find a deep stress that the princess is also celebrating a physiological need. They always want to find Dulcinea on the side, with the hope that it certainly does not.

- Natalia, and if the husband before the marriage was ideal, and the house turned into a tape with a bottle of beer?

- God forbid that I was sitting in the apartment rumpled husband and Shaggy! I even can not imagine, where the eyebrows appeared on my face if I saw that my man relaxed - became not igruchim, pot-bellied, not to care for themselves, all the while clinging to the little things. There is only one - you need to talk. Rumpled and shaggy nobody can even be a woman in 80 years.

- Natalia, "Beauty will save the world", and that, in your opinion, will save the modern marriage?

- Kindness and understanding! Beauty will save the world? And that sense of every woman is beauty? The beauty around you, we create with their own hands! That will save a person in a marriage? Only his own concerns about his inner and outer world, correct positioning and demand .  Man must find himself in society .  Each has its own program, but three of them are unchanged - to retain the offspring, in order not to feel in 65 years the dry branch, to acquire some knowledge and hone them to perfection, so that no business card, but most Statement to answer the question "Who am I? ", And the third program -" fit "their knowledge and skills in society .  When a person feels the person while he respects others .  He does not forget to say thank you maid cleaning, child, which made the garbage and bought bread, he did not forget to smile once again to your loved one, pat him on the head .  Strong understands, and does not forgive .  Once the correct time will be distributed when a person will clearly understand who he is, then he will love not only yourself but also others, including and a soul mate . 

Author: Marina Tumovskaya