Luxury fur coat ... Design? No! Design cats!
 I love all the designer clothes, jewelry, perfume ... and cats!

Animals have long been, as well as clothing, jewelry, real estate, a sign of status and welfare of its owner. Transport Maharajas - elephants are facing a fortune Arabian horses, rare birds and priceless Thai cats were once mandatory attributes of rulers and power elites.

Now the fashion for exotic and unusual animals not only held, but also acquired new horizons. For example, recently turned into little dogs element of ladies' toilets have become a kind of accessory to social events and receptions, without which there is simply a shame to appear. Trendy are such breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas (favorite breed many socialite), Pug and others.

Recently, however, in the world, we must pay tribute to the development of bioengineering, the fashion on the "design" of animals derived by crossing different species of animals. For example, in the United Kingdom are very popular labrapudeli (plus Labrador Poodle) valued at more than £ 700 for a puppy, so it is worth Paglia (Pug and Beagle). As for cats, the high demand began to use large animals the size of a medium dog leopard color, favorite prints of famous fashion houses like Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabanna. On them, and dwell in detail.

Usher - Leopard Home

 Luxury fur coat ... Design? No! Design cats!

Asher - the most expensive in the world of designer cat, named after the ancient goddess of the Canaanites, the patroness of fertility and motherhood. Cat and leopard got complicated by crossing domestic and wild cats (African serval - a wild predatory cat leggy medium size plus home leopard cat, common in Asia), a group of American geneticists led by Briton Simon Brodie.

Domestic leopard is able to achieve a weight increase of 14 kg and up to 1 meter. In addition, the ushers are very docile nature, likes children, unpretentious care, eating a regular cat food and "hypoallergenic", as in her saliva and hair missing protein causes in minutes allergic reactions.

Price of the issue:   $ 25, 000

Interesting!   Allerca Lifestyle Pets, «producer of" Asherah gives her 1-year warranty.

Savannah - African predator in miniature

 Luxury fur coat ... Design? No! Design cats!

Savannah - one of the first designer breeds, removal of which began in the 80s of the last century in the United States. Before breeders and geneticists were given the task - to achieve the characteristic predatory spotted color of a domestic cat. As a result, the breed was obtained by crossing domestic cats and African serval. Skilled took more than 10 years to achieve the desired result.

Savannah - a rather large house cat: height at the withers - 60 cm, weight - 15 kg. The body of domestic spotted predator - elongated and powerful, with a long neck and round, not characteristic of domestic cats ears. This breed, unlike the grove, there are several acceptable colors - brown, chocolate, silver, gold or cinnamon tabby.

Price issue : $ 4 000 -10 000

Interesting!   The more blood the African savannah kitten serval, the more expensive it is.

Toy tiger or a Toyger

 Luxury fur coat ... Design? No! Design cats!

Toyger (combination of words «toy» and «tiger») - this is also a new design cat breed, which was recognized in 2000. The author is an American breed - Dzhein Mill, which decided to "construct" a new breed of tiger cats, inspired by her mother - a professional architect and an amateur geneticist and an author of the Bengal cat breed.

The peculiarity of this breed - the maximum proximity to wild cats such as tigers: silky coat with distinctive stripes and white color of the abdomen, a long body, a large nose, a strong chin and rounded ears. Weight Toyger in adulthood may reach 12-14 kg. Temperament toy tiger is quiet, laid-back. In addition, it is quite unpretentious care, a real companion in the city.

Price of the issue:   $ 3, 000-5, 000

Interesting!   Toyger love to swim and enjoy taking baths and showers, if they are allowed.

Author: Inna Sedykh