Tatiana Shahnes - piarschitsa, traveler and simply beautiful
 Step by step ... The efforts of the will, effort, "fly into the pipe" output, permanent brainstorming, meetings, negotiations and endless sound of keys, which you lead, like a magic wand. And now, after ten or twenty years you are at the top. Before you - a huge panorama of success, built brick by brick from non missed opportunities. And then someone simply enjoying the view opened, and someone thinks how to help others ...

Today Tatiana Shahnes known not only as a professional, has made a brilliant career in LG Electronics (it belongs to her change of company name from Goldstar to LG and other successful public relations moves the company). Tatiana actively promotes project-remunerated donation in Russia, and in the future plans to do and other charitable projects. Who is she in life - this fragile-looking woman, and in fact, the Amazon huntress the bird of luck? .. Today Director of Public Relations of LG Electronics Tatiana Shahnes   It gives an exclusive interview to the projects of the "MediaFort."

- Tatiana, Hello! Let's start all the same with work. I know that you started to work early, studied in parallel on the same evening classes. Say it was a forced decision, or you are already in the 17 years to understand that "taking the bull by the horns" should be as soon as possible? And if you do not regret (at least sometimes) that you did not have five fun and carefree student years?

- I finished school, when the country began restructuring .  Outside, there was such an interesting life, and such rapid changes that I wanted to be ready and fit this unusual time in which the opportunity to be realized .  I still was happy five years, because I entered the evening department .  And though this time it was not a carefree, as I immediately started working, I was happy that the dream began to be realized immediately .  A main dream was to take its place in a new life and begin to provide for his family, get in 18-20 years the opportunity to travel! I immediately began to work in the profession - a teacher - and by age 18 was not afraid of the audience, then the interpreter, making it possible to be fluent in the language, and by the time of graduation, I had such a great track record, that to get a job was no problem .  The end of the '80s-early' 90s gave the opportunity to visit the exhibition, new galleries, restaurants, hotels, who only began to open in Moscow, traveling and constantly expand horizons .  I believe that the generation born in the 70s, or dispose of, or, conversely, very disappointed in life .  Here it was important to catch the spirit and not to lose it . 

- Tatiana, you have made a brilliant career in PR. It can only really creative, passionate man who lives and breathes his work. Tell me, work for you - this is important in life? What then took the family? The choice between family and work is happening almost every day, when there is a question - "freeze" on working on the Internet, on the phone or to spend time with loved ones. How serious was the problem, and worth to you?

- You asked a very interesting question, and I want to be as frank with you. If the family was formed in my 20 years, then perhaps we, together with her husband would go ahead and career developed in parallel family life.

Now, if the loved one has seen that I change it on the phone or the Internet, I'm afraid it did not have a good work out. In any case, the example of my friends convinced me that.

But I am convinced that, with the children, taking care of her husband, I could not spend so much time at work. There were years when I had to work 12 hours for months for a few years, and I would have to sacrifice performance. In life, there is a period where the work enjoys a commanding position in life, especially when Sturm new heights. For example, last year I lead a project to promote unpaid donation in Russia (LG has signed an agreement with the FMBA of Russia and became the first company in this activity), and this work has really captured me. I realized that life is not the main business, and the opportunity to become a volunteer. It radically changed my view of humanity, the importance of helping others and the responsibility not only for themselves and loved ones. My dream - to open their future welfare fund or something similar.

- Do not you think that one day you want to change the frantic pace of life on the quiet, moving in a cozy house on the Adriatic coast?

- You asked a very good question, because I also started to put it in front of him. I think as an adult (and it all comes at different times) the person should rest. Where it will be - on the Adriatic Sea, in the suburbs, on the coast of Goa, or some place else - everyone decides for himself.

- There is an opinion that a person at work and at home - it's completely different people. And you are with your family, relatives, the same as in the office LG Electronics?

- Parents have told me that I have changed a lot, doing career - became more rigid, business, and the mask can be difficult to remove. So I do my best to be as correct people, friends, family. I think this is a great advantage of man - to be able diametrically opposed to change, left office. Working in the department of communications, which should always be connected, it is very difficult. Work inevitably part of our personal life, as well as many business partners subsequently become friends.

- Does someone you around the house? After all, life takes so much time and energy that it just does not deserve ...

- On the one hand, work at home distraction, because this "exercise" is also needed to escape. But I must admit, I have no time for this, so you have to turn to help others. I have two au pairs - one prepares twice a week, and the other responsible for cleaning the apartment. Unfortunately, it is compulsory.

- Tatyana, tell us about your family.

- I'm not married, and, from my point of view, to get married for the sake of the marriage certificate would not be entirely correct. I must admit, I'm more selfish. Frankly, I never wanted to dedicate their lives, without which it is impossible to build a happy family life - taking care of family and children. I always thought that it would interfere with or distract.
As a teenager, I did not want to give up a career. And if you want to be completely honest, it just does not like routine. So when I was "threatened" marriage, I did everything to escape. Here is a "runaway bride eternal".

- In your opinion, the current personal life - is more the result of luck or hard psychological work?

- And this question follows from the previous one. I think, and then, and more. When you meet the right person to you, it's luck. And then begins a great psychological work and patience, patience, patience. In my life I went to a similar experiment. Unfortunately, that man is no more ...

- I read that you adore to travel and often go on a cruise. Which holiday do you like more - the beach, excursions, familiarity with local traditions and cuisine?

- It seems to me the perfect combination - is active travel during the week, and then a beach holiday, for example, a cruise on Europe and the rest on the coast of Italy or Spain. Basically, the cruise starts from Rome, Venice or Barcelona. Or travel to the islands of the Caribbean and the rest in Miami. My dream - a cruise to Australia and New Zealand and the Asian region, but this takes about three weeks, which are difficult to find. My last trip was Vietnam, where I was able to see Halong Bay, southern coast of Nha Trang.

The kitchen of the region is of great importance. I love Italian food, and Korean - thanks to long-term work in Korean companies.

Recently, most of all I would like to travel to Russia, including a cruise. The only thing that stops - old ships and prices, even incompatible with European. At the end of last year I was able to go on a trip to Pavlov Posad and estate Zhukovsky. I realized that the level of training of Russian tour guides can not be compared with foreign - so full of wonder and tell our guides.

 Tatiana Shahnes - piarschitsa, traveler and simply beautiful

- How do you think who should be mainly in the family? And as the selection should be done - on the floor or "to each according to his ability" - who does a better job, he even manages?

- If present, as I now see my family, and I intend to seriously address this issue, it seems to me that it is necessary to give each other, and the main thing - to feel sorry for each other. There is a huge dilemma. If the partner is held and wealthy, he will not tolerate dictate and, perhaps, he will "push". And if it is weak, we need it at all? .. And I must confess again (and we're frank with you razgovor), I recently met a strong man, but communicate with him it was very difficult. But many young women dream to be in my place. Therefore, probably, every family all very individually ....

- Tatiana, you look great. This fitness, diet, or something else?

- It is in any case not dieting. I eat everything several times a day, and I admit, I do not consider calories. With 17 years I have been in the fitness room, I love "glands". I think it is important to engage with the trainer, who directs and knows how to give the load on the muscles to always be in shape. Perhaps the secret of my slim figure that I'm doing it for years with little or no interruption. Now I plan to also take group classes such as yoga or dance. Also, once a week for years I visit a beautician and try virtually all new cosmetic. Just want to mention that with all due respect to the Botox, the drug has no effect on me. And from time to time I do a massage.

 Tatiana Shahnes - piarschitsa, traveler and simply beautiful

- Do you believe in God? Go to church?

- That's a very difficult question. I would say that I believe in a supreme intelligence, which determines much. I believe that each person has his own destiny, and if someone gets hit, and he needed to talk, and for that he goes to church to pray and confess, it is very good. I have great respect for the church, but always do not go there.

- How do you feel about the fashion? Do you have favorite brands, designers? Where do you usually update the wardrobe - in Russia or in foreign trips?

- I confess, I love beautiful things. However, I do not think it is a good investment, because fashion changes quickly enough. At the same time, because my weight and the figure does not change for many years, I am glad that I can afford to buy enough expensive things. Basically, it suits.

These are things lax, bright (in our company is not very rigid dress code), and they never go out of fashion. We can recall, for example, was incorporated two years ago in the fashion square. Rummaging in the locker room, I found the plaid pants Givenchy bought in Prague on the occasion of shooting video with a change of brand GoldStar at LG. This is far from the 96th year and the pants are extremely relevant and segodnya. I have two favorite shops in Moscow - one shoe and one clothing store. I also like to do shopping abroad.

- Do you have a hobby that you manage to find time in his busy schedule? And what would you devote all my spare time, if such a sudden turned out to be in your life?

- I love to read, preferring the classics. And I do it all the time, allocating at least one hour in the evening. In my spare time I have, depending on the mood, just lie down and rested, or would go somewhere on a trip to shake things up and gain new experiences.

- Do you like to cook? You can boast of "specialty"? And the general should eat (and eats) business woman, to feel good and successfully engaged in creativity?

- Forgive me kulinarka and avid foodies, I do not like to cook. As I said, I have au pairs, and my diet looks like this: in the morning oatmeal with berries and cottage cheese with sour cream and vegetables, sandwiches and tea. A full lunch out of the office with colleagues and dinner on the circumstances, either a restaurant with friends or at home - it's salad and the second. The principle of "do not eat after 18:00" is not about me. Weight is not one - only 53 kg ...

- Do you like animals? What? Do you have any home purring fluffy ball unceasing or feathered friend?

- I love animals, so I try to travel to take pictures or talk to them. 4 years ago I had a furry friend Nick yokshirsky terrier, and life became an understanding that there is an entity (because it is not a dog and a cat), which is just adore.

- Do you like theater, cinema, music? Inspired whether you just like the book?

- I love the movie and for me a great pleasure to see a new movie in the theater. It's very distracting, and you're getting into another world, as if transformed. In short, it is the real restart. As for the theater, the last time I can not boast that saw particularly interesting productions.

- What is your zodiac sign? Do you believe in horoscopes?

- I believe in horoscopes, because they very accurately reflect the nature of man. On a horoscope I have cancer, who was born in the year of the Boar.

- Tatyana, Do you consider yourself a happy person? And what happiness is, in your opinion?

- Frankly, I'm afraid to call himself a happy man, precisely because it is an element of self-satisfaction, and saying so, you can just to anger the fate or God .  Of course, I am very glad that those life stages that I had planned, yet true .  It seems to me that things keep happening to the way you want, you need to raise the bar a little higher .  But maybe not in the issue of career development and helping others .  The year 2009 was very difficult for me, I lost my mother, and during that time there was a huge reassessment of values .  I am sure that after 30 held a man can not feel happy if he though that something is done to others, so for me was humanly important corporate volunteering program for remunerated blood donation, I have been promoting in every way .  I think that doing good - it also has a certain stage of spiritual development, and that it opens the way to success and personal happiness .  I would like to wish all the readers: good health and their families .  After all, the ability to create a special atmosphere at home, glad that there is to appreciate every moment with family - this is the real happiness .   A success? He is sure to come .

Interviewed by Marina Tumovskaya.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya