Acupressure: principles and important aspects
 Acupressure - one of the oldest medical procedures, which is very common in Japan, China and India. It is believed that he could cure almost any disease. This practice is very well-proven for many years.

Technique of acupressure is based on energy, which constitutes the human body. Sam massage is a touch of a finger or palm on the certain points which are located on the invisible lines of energy flow also known as meridians . Exerting influence on these points, there is direction of energy to the sore spot.

In total, our body is 14 meridian. 12 of them are paired and located on the left and the right. The remaining two are in the middle of the chest and back. Among the 12 are 6 pairs of yang and yin meridians 6. Yin meridians   direct energy from the fingers to the head, and Yang   - From head to feet. Each of them bears the name of the body to which the leads. One end of the meridian is on the palms, feet, face or head, and the other at the appropriate body. Thus, by acting on the point, we can heal itself.

The energy flow for each channel is not constant. The maximum amount of power delivered to the bodies at a certain time of day. For example, from 5 to 7 pm concentration of energy in the kidney reaches its maximum. It is therefore often attacks at this time is especially painful.

Technique of acupressure   is pressed at a point which is responsible for the body which needs treatment. Therefore, the success depends on the correct location of the most dots on the meridians.

In general, to learn to do this massage is very difficult. However, you can learn not difficult couple of techniques that help to remove, such as back pain or headaches.

Incidentally, when one of your organs begins to "hurt" then at the same time you may feel soreness at the point, which is responsible for it. This may explain the overall weakness and soreness of the skin, when we catches a cold. Incidentally temperature in such locations as lying. So professional enough to simply determine that you have a headache. To address the need point from 2 to 4 minutes, about 3 times a day, depending on the condition of the patient.

During treatment, you may experience headaches, slight fever, or you become distracted. This can go on for weeks. You should not be afraid of this, keep treatment.

The techniques of acupressure

There are several types of acupressure . They differ from each other by the rhythm, pressing the power and technique. For example, Shiatsu , Clicking strong rhythmic presence on every point no more than 3-5 seconds.

Rapid and intense press stimulate and slow on the contrary, profoundly relaxing effect.

Severe depression.   This is a fundamental technique. It uses fingers, palms, fists, side of the palm. In order to provide a permanent impact on point for a few minutes. You do not have to make any vibrations. This technique helps to relax muscles and relieve pain.

The slow grinding.   Used fingertips. Motion similar to rubbing. Just move your body weight on the fingertips and rub. This massage helps to relax the muscles of the back and neck, as well as remove the spasm in the calf.

Fast grinding.   This technique helps to stimulate blood circulation. It is easy to rub the skin to reheat, remove the numbness with the help of the direction of blood flow to the sore spot. In addition, the removed tension and improves skin condition.

Quick tapping   with your fingers, so you stimulate the muscles on sensitive areas such as the face. For large parts of the body such as the back and buttocks, you can use a fist. So you can release tension in muscles and improve the condition of the nervous system.

Why acupressure is so popular

Most people tend to recover, some go for a massage in order to improve the body, also has very few contraindications. Here are some diseases in which such massage helps to:

1.   Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

2.   Motion sickness.

3.   Nausea after surgery.

4.   Nausea after chemotherapy.

5.   Headache.

6.   Menstrual pain.

7.   Pain and muscle tension, etc.


Acupressure should not be painful. If you have any discomfort, immediately stop the procedure. Effects on patients and sensitive areas should not be strong.

There are a number of contraindications Such as recent trauma, osteoporosis, problems with blood circulation and so on. In these cases should consult with your doctor. This also applies to pregnant women. Is not acceptable for them to massage the abdomen and feet in some areas.

Be healthy!
Author: Vera Karabutova