Did you wash your makeup brushes?
 Cosmetics cares for us, and we have to take care of cosmetics. It is unacceptable to use expired products, and that most of us know. How else to care for make-up, how to store and how often to change in order to avoid unpleasant consequences for health?

Of course, do not need to become paranoid and expect microbes, even where they may not be. It is not necessary to go through the apartment with a compass or a moisture meter in search of a better place to store your favorite tools. Rules about which I want to recall very simple. Their observance will never know what the infection is, and will save you the comfort and pleasure of the use of cosmetics.

Simple rules:

1. Do not store cosmetics for eye makeup (mascara, liners, pencils, concealers and even shadows) over 6 months!   (this applies to funds unwrapped) for make-up products in time to acquire the bacteria, as well as change their properties and consistency: become dry and thicken. Fortunately manufacturers release new makeup collections each season. Mascara should be changed every three to four months to avoid conjunctivitis.

2. In general, any cosmetics stores up to two years from date of manufacture.   To be more specific, much depends on the structure of the cosmetic product. Water-based cosmetics are usually kept less than a year, the fact that the water gradually evaporates, the bacteria begin to multiply, and the properties of cosmetics significantly deteriorate. The presence of alcohol or alcohol-containing components and preservatives significantly extends product shelf life. But in order to be confident in the quality of its cosmetics and not to use it for a long time, make it a rule - buy cosmetics in small packages.

3. Never use makeup with anyone else!   This is a direct path to the infection to your eyes and skin. How would your sister and a friend begged not to try something out of your stocks - you never do it. The same applies to the use of different samplers or testers in stores cosmetics. Use only the samples that you yourself have discovered printed. Try to stores and salons only that hygienic: the main thing that you have no one to not use this product and do not touch it. Do not allow others to use as your makeup tools: brushes, sponges, powder puffs. The skin is all different, and you never know how you will react to the bacteria from another person.

4. Clean your makeup brushes at least once every two weeks. Some experts advise to carry out cleaning brushes once a week. But, most of all, it all depends on how intensively you use their "tools of beauty." If your hands are always clean - it will keep them fresh and to stop the proliferation of bacteria, and your makeup will always be clear and predictable colors.

 Did you wash your makeup brushes?

5. Store in a refrigerator is only those funds for which it prescribes instructions   (e.g., oxygen cosmetics). Most cosmetics do not stand a strong decrease in temperature, the port! Storage in a bathroom - is not the best choice. High humidity is contraindicated in most products. In the bathroom, you can keep only: soap, toothpaste, shampoos, hair conditioners and shower gels. Perfumes can be stored in the refrigerator, but also at room temperature, they do not lose their properties.

6. Sharpen the pencil regularly.   It is unacceptable when the delicate skin to age As for rough wood of the pencil. Buy a good sharpener and keep it always in the beautician. Although, in fairness, I must say that good brands use a soft pencil and environmentally friendly wood.

7. Try not to disturb the old with the new makeup products.   Older products are more bacteria, and you run the risk of "infect" bacteria new products! In this case, your new products quickly lose their properties and "grow old" become unusable.

8. If you have conjunctivitis or other eye infections, take a short break in the daily makeup.   Wait until your eyes feel better, and only after that you can start using eye liner.

9. If there was an infection, it is best to replace all makeup products To avoid recurrence of the trouble with the eyes and skin.

 Did you wash your makeup brushes?

A few ideas for how to clean brushes, sponges and applicators

 Did you wash your makeup brushes?
 • Of course, ideally, if you buy a special solution for cleaning brushes. That is, some brands, for example, the MAC - MAC Brush Cleaner. First, soak the brush in this solution (in a small boat, alone), and then again with clean water, and then - with running water. Such tools make caring bristles smooth, shiny, act not only as a cleaning solution, but also as a kind of air conditioner for brushes.

• There are less expensive ways. For example, baby shampoo. It is, as a rule, non-allergenic, natural, fragrance free, well washed off.

• If you need to clean the brush quickly, and no time for a long time to dry, you can use a quick method. Take disposable wipes for removing makeup. And wipe the brush several times, as long as the trace of the brush is not clean. There are also special wipes to clean hands, too, for example, the MAC.

• To clean the brushes you can use your liquid makeup remover. But it will be quite expensive, especially if you use the luxe facilities. Yes, and means for removing make-up will take a lot, that is economical, this method can not be called, rather, from the category of an unaffordable luxury.

• You can use ordinary baby soap - just soap and water to wash out the brush, and then rinse them. If it is a fairly soft bristle brush, in order to not make the soap brush harder, you can add a little rinse hair conditioner that save the brush silkiness and softness.

 Did you wash your makeup brushes?

• If the brush is used for oily texture (eg, fatty foundation or concealer thick), and is difficult to remove fat plain soap, then here's a tip. Before washing, remove excess fat means you can use starch (preferably corn), or flour. Just dip the brush into the starch, and then proceed to wash the brush. The main thing for what you need to follow - to starch residues do not remain on the brush. And do not use brushes for degreasing dishwashing liquid, it is a very big stimulus for the skin!

• Sometimes, to more thoroughly clean the brush, use special brushes for cleaning brushes. Such is, for example, the MAC. However, many women say that the type of brushes to use Cleanser MAC is problematic enough on their own accumulated a lot of dirt. Some are used for these purposes, a comb with frequent teeth or rigid toothbrush. Probably, it is clear that a comb and brush must be sterile.

• Dry brush and sponge better naturally, bristled up, so they will retain the shape. Do not dry in the heat or near Teplopribor, it can ruin the structure of the bristles. Typically, per night dry brush.

Cleaning your tools will take you only a few minutes a week (or two weeks), but you will immediately feel the difference: Make-up will be more pure, bright, leather cleaner, and the pleasure of it all you will get huge!
Author: Julia Gnedina