Are colored hair needs special shampoo?
 Even very cursory glance at the supermarket shelves, which displays products for hair, striking a huge variety of shampoos, which are now available in the market. For dry to oily, for climbing, for dyed hair, and even anti-aging. And whether or shampoo for colored hair with something different from the others, or is it another marketing tool manufacturers?

If you have dyed hair, then you probably have more than once tried to preserve color trends, but have not seen any results. I also tried a lot. And the majority of shampoos for colored hair, which is in the market, there is little suited me. There are only very few proposals actually preserving the color and at the same time not spoil the hair. Because most of the ingredients that help maintain color, aggressive and rigid with respect to the hair.

Let's deal. What are the ingredients needed to shampoo for colored hair, which really keep the color, and how to choose the right product even for colored hair.

The first thing to do is carefully examine the label of shampoo . You'll notice that most shampoos for colored hair just promise to "a greater depth of color and luster," and not "add color to the hair." This means that such shampoos contain ingredients (such as silicones and components for better air-conditioning), can make the hair shiny and moisturize the scalp, giving, of course, a greater sense of ease, the effect is shiny and silky hair. And here we fall into the trap, knowing that hair looks much better, and our well-being is also improved. Manufacturer to make us believe that its product "works". Although the data is to preserve the color sensations are irrelevant, because, right?

 Are colored hair needs special shampoo?

Then maybe needed shampoos with dyes ? - It sounds reasonable question. And I must say that in recent years, many brands are entering the market with such a shampoo containing a little coloring ingredients. And a shampoo, of course, can "extend the color." However, do not rush to the store! First, the colors of these shampoos quite rude. Other words, the yellow dyes are added to shampoos for blondes, honey-colored in such products intended for most brunettes and brown coloring shampoos fall into brown or dark hair. Secondly, these dyes often simply make beautiful product itself, but they are on the hair most of the time, "not working". The dyes contained in shampoos, very bad "stick" to the hair, any contact with the cap, comb, and the more moisture can lead to loss of the coloring layer. Each hair washing you just wash off the ink layer, color and goes down the drain.

 Are colored hair needs special shampoo?

We will not "paint" all producers in one color, but still the majority does not use the best ingredients in the dye shampoos. And if dyes are more resistant? Yes, it can cause the color of the hair is delayed longer, but do not expect miraculous results! Also, be prepared for a certain precautions in the use of shampoos. Paint can not only stay on your hair, but also on the skin with a towel, and even stain your sink.

One of the factors that deprive dyed hair color, are detergent ingredients in shampoos. And they are found in all shampoos, without exception, as without shampoo will clean your hair. Even shampoo for colored hair often contain very strong surfactants (eg, sodium sulfate, ammonium). Therefore, the main caution in choosing a shampoo for colored hair can only be product selection softer formula In cleaning ingredients do not have such chemically active.

Furthermore, one of the outputs in maintaining color can become more rare hair washing (if permitted by the type of your hair). It is also important to use conditioners and styling products   protection from sunlight This will help keep the color longer.

 Are colored hair needs special shampoo?

Summarize. My advice is to save your money. Shampoo for colored hair in the mass does not differ from the usual. Most of them have only the effect of improving the appearance of hair, and adds shine (and no question), but they can not make the color more persistent. As for shampoos with dyes, the colors they can add, but only until the next hair wash. And here is what you should look for when buying a shampoo for colored hair - a cleansing ingredients in the formula shampoo for colored hair should be softer.
Author: Olga Larsen