Curly hair - it's beautiful!
 As often happens, holders of straight hair dream of curls flirty and women, whom nature has bestowed beauty of curly hair, use different methods to straighten them.

Many women mistakenly believe that if they had curly hair, care would have been much easier. But, alas, this is only speculation. One of the most difficult to care for curly hair are. Just imagine how much trouble they bring its owner:

- When it's wet hair pushatsya like dandelion,
- If the weather is windy, it is another reason to be upset, because it takes the form of hair, resembling something like a nest,
- But if the weather is hot, again not good, the tips of the hair resemble straw.

 Curly hair - it's beautiful!

Here are the charms of curly hair. Of course, a good thing that some curls to create an artificial and similar problems avoid them, but what if these hairs are a gift of nature, with which we live and tolerate. Girls, do not be discouraged, because every situation there is, especially if well-armed special agents. So learn to take care of unruly and curly hair .

First we need to realize that curly hair - a gift that just need to be taken.

 Curly hair - it's beautiful!

Naturally curly hair often have to be laid with a hair dryer and cosmetics. Hair dryer dries hair and, therefore, they necessary to humidify . We all know that for moisturizing hair mask are essential. This applies regardless of any hair, curly or straight they are. The beauty is that the masks are glued hair scales, which in turn improves, making it more flexible. Use the mask is not more than once every 10 days, and it should be applied, retreated about 10 cm from the roots of the hair, if the mask is designed to improve the elasticity. If you use a nourishing mask, it can be applied over the entire length. Moisturizes curly hair is necessary to ensure that they do not lose luster and beauty.

The additional funds will not be denied, so do not forget about air conditioning and balms for the hair. Believe me, it will facilitate the process of combing. Salve   - It is generally a fount of nutrients for unruly hair. If the mask does not fail, it really is required to receive medical treatment balm damaged hair and give him extra food. BUT, only balm needed damaged hair, healthy hair, he will weight only, and remember, too, that the means are different, most manufacturers use cheap oil, which, as you know, did not give a good hair, but rather harm. Therefore, additional funds should be chosen with great care. Also, for additional care is well suited serum. Most importantly, its membership included dimethicone. This component will give your hair smooth.

Now about painting ... That's really what it would be worth on the refrain. Curly hair is already prone to damage, often broken, dried, and then there was a "blow" chemistry. In general, to decide, of course, to you, but remember that after such manipulation, especially hair needs careful care and treatment.

 Curly hair - it's beautiful!
   Now, let's talk about shampoo . I advise you to immediately abandon shampoos that increase the volume. The fact that such shampoos disrupt the structure of the hair, or aggravate it. You understand that in this curly hair care is not needed. Do not forget that the shampoo for all hair types, means that for any. Therefore, if you have dry hair, choose a shampoo, which is composed of extracts of coconut oil, jojoba, licorice. If the hair needs to be strengthened - as part of a sage look, horseradish or papain. It is not necessary to wash your hair with shampoo every day, preferably twice a week. If the hair quickly become greasy, better use of folk remedies.

If you have long hair, while washing them better leans back, so they are not so much confused and break. Number of shampoo reduce to a minimum, and preferably dilute it with water.

Go to drying hair . The most ideal way for curly hair is a natural drying. Of course, it does not always have the time and you have to use a hair dryer. In that case, give preference to the cold air, because hot air dries the hair, and as a result, hair becomes more brittle.

Now on rules combing . Select only the comb with widely spaced teeth. Combing start with only the tips. It is best to comb your hair when they are dry, although it is much more difficult, but dry hair less stretch and better to style.

If it's the wind, hair styling conditioner can be applied spray. Such means should comprise a complex of vitamins and minerals. For fine hair are perfect for desserts.

To keep your hair has always maintained a good shape, trim the ends of times a month.

 Curly hair - it's beautiful!
   Now People's ways of caring for curly hair .

- Hemp oil . It moisturizes the hair, give them flexibility and shape. Slightly warmed oil can be applied to the hair, cover with a cap and wash off after half an hour. You can also make medical mix. You will need 2 tablespoons hemp oil, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon carrot juice. Mix, but do not stir. Apply on the hair for an hour, then wash off with warm water.

- For the elasticity of curls can be used natural henna . From it you can make a great mask.

- If you prefer clay It is better to choose pink. Mask of clay pink perfect for unruly curls.

- In the fight against unruly hair are indispensable helpers herbs . Bay leaf, rosemary, parsley and aloe vera - this is sure to be in your arsenal. We grind bay leaves, add the parsley and rosemary flowers, fill with boiling water, wait for 40 minutes, then the resulting solution Strain and mix with shampoo. Here it is a recipe healthy and obedient hair.

- Do not forget about aloe vera . An extract thereof may be mixed with various oils. The resulting composition can be applied directly to the hair before washing.

In general, the beauty of your hair is in your hands.
Author: MIRovaya