Glazing Hair
 How many beauty secrets of hair has disclosed how much is said and written, but nonetheless, this subject does not cease to be relevant. On the beautiful and healthy hair, the dream of every one of us, except for those whom nature gave birth to a chic hair. The rest have to spend a lot of time, effort and money to achieve the desired result.

At times, in the pursuit of beauty, we forget that each of our experiment a negative impact on the state of our hair, whether it's painting, perms or styling. Especially for those experimenters experts have found many ways to repair damaged hair, followed by dull, brittle, split hair healthy and shiny - this elyuminirovanie, laminating, etc. But we, as girls are very curious and interested, want to know everything, and today will discover more than one secret in this area. So ...

 Glazing Hair

There is another, equally effective method of hair restoration - frosting . What is it?

Glazing is a procedure in which hair is covered by a special medical cosmetics, "glaze". This is done as follows: - a specialist wash your hair with shampoo and dry, and then evenly over the entire length of hair will cause the therapeutic composition, "icing". If your hair is generally healthy and damaged tips only, the composition can be applied only on the affected area without causing the composition throughout. During glazing therapeutic product is applied several times. The whole procedure takes about an hour.

 Glazing Hair
 "Icing" will add extra shine and volume to your hair. Make frosting can and dyed hair, damage will not cause such a procedure, but on the contrary, restore damaged hair and keep the color. This is possible because each hair begins to saturate ceramides and moisturizing substances that are part of the "glaze". They penetrate into the very depths of the hair and begin to nourish it from within, gradually restoring. But that is not all. In the process of glazing hair covered by a special protective microfilm, so the hair becomes more smooth, silky, voluminous, and the color acquires its former brilliance. Surprisingly, the volume really increases significantly due to the fact that hair is thicker at the roots and lifts. In addition, after a medical procedure you will forget about split ends.

Of course, formed in the process of glazing microfilm, unfortunately, it is not durable and tends to be washed off. This does not mean that the film is washed away after the first shampooing, although resistance primarily depends still on the frequency of washing. Accordingly, the more often you wash your hair, the faster you wash off makeup, but anyway, it will happen no earlier than a month. To repeat the procedure will not have to wait, you can perform on a regular basis, without fear of harm hair. Do not be afraid of saturation, our own hair will determine how much of ceramides and other nutrients they need and absorb as much as is needed for a full recovery.

 Glazing Hair
 Enrobing perfect owners of curly hair, because after his hair noticeably less pushatsya and less electrified, it is easy to comb and style.

Glazing hair is colorless and colored. Colorless composition "glaze" adds shine to the hair. Color "glaze" may like to set off your complexion and give a completely new, the way you want. Staining absolutely safe manner, since the ink composition does not contain ammonia. Hair color will wash off with the medical staff, so the following procedure, the color can be changed to another. Glazing - it's a great opportunity for me, while not causing harm to the hair.

As for the cost of the procedure, it is not great, so treat yourself to be able to every girl. Generally, the cost depends of course on the length of hair - what they are longer, the procedure is expensive, after all, need more staff.
Author: MIRovaya