Lamination of hair
 Do you dream of shiny hair, like a model on the cover of a magazine? You are tired of every day to do a hydrating mask for the hair, so they do not look so lifeless? Are you going on vacation and want to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun and salt water? Then the procedure of lamination hair - this is what you need.

Lamination is a panacea for all problems with hair. Well, almost everyone. Ideal lamination is suitable if you split, weak and brittle hair, if they are weakened by frequent staining or perm. Lamination helps and if every morning you are experiencing excruciating torture, combing matted locks. The only negative - the effect is not lasting forever.

Despite the warnings of doctors trichologists, many on vacation neglect to protect your hair from UV and seawater. In most cases, the reason is simple laziness, because it is necessary every day, and maybe more than once, applied to the hair special tools. It can be an excellent alternative to lamination. When laminating hair covered with a thin breathable film, which protects it from harmful environmental exposures.

If you have already returned from vacation, the lamination helps restore hair beautiful and healthy appearance. Nutrient composition applied prior to lamination, no longer will wash out of the hair and will nourish them for a few weeks, Film eliminate the appearance of split ends and create the effect of shiny hair .

Deciding for yourself to try a new procedure lamination, I went to the Moscow Salon CityChic . Procedures lamination or glossing, distinguished by the fact that different drugs salons use different companies. AT CityChic   Master enjoyed himself well zarekomandovavshimi professional tools L'Oreal.

The procedure begins with the application to the hair nutritive serum, which then "fixed" in the hair by the hairdressing ironing.   It should be noted that attached to the hair, not only serum and hair color, so if you do lamination after painting, the color does not wash off for longer and will remain bright. In addition, we strongly advise you to do simultaneously with the lamination of hair, especially if you have curly hair, because when straightening utjuzhkom easier to make a perfectly smooth contours haircuts.

The final step is coating the vitamin hair spray, which is a faster alternative to masks for the hair. Now you do not have to wait 20 minutes for the nutrients will act enough to sit only 3-5 minutes, wash off the - let's go to do packing.

The entire procedure lasts a couple of hours, depending on the length of hair. By the way, the cost of treatments in the salon CityChic   the length of the hair does not.

The effect of the first treatment lasts about three weeks, after which it is recommended to laminating again. In later times, promise, the film will remain on the hair for up to six weeks. But after the first time significantly improves the appearance of hair, they look more healthy and well-groomed, easier to comb, become very smooth and pleasant to the touch, and most importantly - become a great shine!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina