35 ideas for nails! Helpful advice to those who are doing a manicure at home
 Needless to say, a salon manicure - it's good, reliable and long lasting. But we do not always have time to run to the master, although it is believed that of all the manicure salon procedures - is the shortest of time. In general, home manicure there is nothing wrong. Moreover, it can be said that "all the girls do it." These tips are designed to help those who sometimes make yourself a manicure at home.

  1. Choosing the form, be guided by the base of the nail.   The shape of the nail tip is to mirror the shape of the nail bed.

  2. Keep faithful to the classics If in doubt, what color to choose. The most popular colors - red and milk. The red color will never go out of fashion. Bright red nail polish on short nails - a versatile classic.

  3. Colour varnish does not need to match the color of lipstick And pedicure color - the color of nail polish. But it is better to combine the two bright or two natural shades.

  4. Brown varnish visually old hands And peach shades do not go to people with pinkish skin of hands.

  5. Trim nails once a month . Clippers cut better, but you need to shape your nails nail file.

  6. Before you file nails , Hold your hands in warm water.

  7. Not to file the sides of the nail   - They provide it strength.

  8. Movement sawing   should not be chaotic, but from the edges toward the center of the nail.

  9. After the bath hand with softening oil wooden stick   Treat cuticles gently, pushing and pressing it to the base of the nail plate. Wooden stick (pine, sandalwood and orange tree) - the indispensable accessory for edging manicure, in which the cuticle is not cut off, and gently pushed back to the base of the nail.

  10. The ideal bath for nails:   Mix warm water with a very special oil for nails, olive oil or regular moisturizing body lotion. Hold hands for 10-15 minutes. Wipe dry. Apply the product to soften the cuticles and leave it for 5-15 minutes.

  11. Take care of the cuticle.   Cuticle Oil and means for feeding the nails should be applied daily to clean and dry the surface of the nail.

  12. Recipe resistant manicure : Protect your nails with six layers of coating. Two layers of the base, two coats of varnish and two layers of topcoat. Every three days, apply a new coat of varnish and fixative, and manicure will last two weeks.

  13. Nail as all the coating can be applied only dry nails . Never apply paint directly on the nail, only on the basis of protection, preferably with therapeutic effect.

  14. If possible, let the varnish to dry naturally Without the use of a hair dryer to nail and your skin does not become dry.

  15. Do not neglect the base . This base coat protects the nail plate from aggressive polish and helps to solve local problems (yellowing of the nail heals, smoothes irregularities).

  16. How best to apply the varnish : Removing excess varnish with a brush, place it in the center of the nail, and perform one movement to the bottom (in the direction of the cuticle) and back to the tip. Not adding varnish to brush, paint the nail on the sides.

  17. Before you apply a new layer , Wait at least three minutes.

  18. Secure varnish . If you leave the cabin before it is completely dry, ask the service technician to perform for nails Cuticle oil or special coating - this will prevent the smearing of varnish.

  19. Do not polish your nails if they exfoliate It will only worsen their condition. Brittle and weak nails need at least a rough nail file.

  20. Means for drying nail polish remover . Try to use them only once a week and wash off the remains of tools with water. Acetone dehydrates the nails. It is better to choose a nail polish remover without acetone.

  21. Polish remover   best to use cotton pads, paper or flannel cloth. Cotton wool and cotton balls leave fibers on the nail varnish and erase uneven. Ready-impregnated wipes for removing nail polish is good in the journey, in a hospital from them a lot of dirt.

  22.   "Seal" nails . Varnishes, bases, care must be applied not only to the surface of the nail, and at its outer edge and the grown portion on the inner side. You like to wrap the nail in the cover, and it does not exfoliate.

  23. If the tips of your nails break off easily with a minimum length And the nails themselves have a rough surface is dull, it means they need extra nutrition and hydration.

  24. Your nails grow slowly?   So they need additional components that stimulate their growth: vitamins A, E, C, provitamin B5. Look for funds with precisely these components.

  25. In your stredstv polish must be kept keratin, collagen and multivitamins . Keratin protects the nails from splitting, cracking and mechanical damage. Collagen and multivitamins promote healthy nail growth.

  26. If you sit on a diet Nails can become dry due to lack of protein.

  27. If the nails grooves and irregularities , White spots, nail plate like a powder, then your nails - too dry and need moisture.

  28. The nails after acrylic or gel capacity   - Weak, thin and brittle. They need to be strengthened and recovery.

  29. Emery   sold in stores in a wide variety: metal, ceramic, glass, sapphire, and even crystal. Never use a metal nail file! Buy ceramic, plastic or glass, with as a fine abrasive, it gently file nails without deforming the edges.

  30. Wipe nails orange or lemon peel . They immediately begin to shine. With regular repetition of this simple procedure lightens yellowed nails.

  31. If you do not have time Use a ready means of class "instant manicure", which have in the arsenal of companies that specialize in the care of hands and nails (Sally Hansen, Creative, etc.). In such agents include sugar crystals, grape seed oil and olive oil, vitamins E and C. This composition is enough to put on your hands, massage and remove the residue.

  32. Whitening and polishing nails   - A procedure that is best left to professionals. At home, there is a risk of error.

  33. Correct artificial nails   It should be every 3-4 weeks, other times you can not even worry about the integrity of your manicure.

  34. Never do housework moist without gloves!   Chlorinated water and detergents - the main cause of dry skin, wrinkles, yellowed and brittle nails.

  35. Do not try at home immediately, with no experience, to make a masterpiece . The main task of a home manicure - do everything most carefully, carefully, to protect the nails and "energize" them. Learn from the masters. Remember how you were doing a manicure in the salon, and repeat what you particularly liked the work of the master. But do not expect that once you could do it as quickly and flawlessly. After all, the favorite and do not regret the time spent?

Author: Julia Gnedina