Manicure How To: Crumbly glitter (+ walkthroughs photos)
 I like the idea for manicure and nail art, which is used not only nail polish. It is lively, interesting design and the performance of eliminating the boredom and routine processes. Crumbly glitter, sequins or common - one of the products, which contrasts in texture with a glossy varnish, thus giving the novelty and unusual manicure.

One can only learn how to use it. I decided to try here is the glitter from Sephora by OPI. They are available in different shades - from the "plum" to "bronze", but I took almost a classic "silver".

 Manicure How To: Crumbly glitter (+ walkthroughs photos)

Perhaps any other tinsel crisp suit, even though we in the editorial office decided that that's the best, they are very high quality, keep cool and lie flat on the nail, without creating unnecessary volume.

These sequins can be operated in two ways. The first - a complete filling of the nail plate. And the second - a fantasy, sequins shine when the previous color, creating a three-dimensional texture and more creative. Can also be noted that the second method is more socks on such nails are not visible chips, irregularities, they are easy to restore.

We will need:
- Basecoat
- Nail polish
- Top Floor
- Crumbly sequins

Getting Started
Before you begin to glitter advise put on the table a piece of paper, so that later you can easily remove wakes glitter, shaking off the paper and send it back to the jar. It will be economically.

First, we do a manicure as usual. Remove the remains of the old nail polish and wash hands with soap and water. And now, two steps of the method of application of sequins.

Method 1. The continuous coating

Step 1. Apply the base coat to the nail. Gradually and without flaws, it depends on it, as it will keep sequins.

Step 2. Put your finger in a jar with a crumbly glitter to the nail parallel to the surface glitter. Slightly shake your finger to cover the entire surface of the glitter nail.

 Manicure How To: Crumbly glitter (+ walkthroughs photos)

Step 3. When can a little ram sequins, clutching fingers of the other hand.

 Manicure How To: Crumbly glitter (+ walkthroughs photos)

Step 4. Do not worry if the glitter was in the cuticle and nail comes off. All this can be easily removed. Take the brush and shake off the excess glitter onto paper.

Method 2. Sprinkle with glitter

Step 1: Cover the nail base coating and selected color nail polish. Most trending combination of the end of 2011 was - nude or pale pink gold plus silver go. But now you can choose the bolder shades, and even contrasting. Everything depends on the concept.

 Manicure How To: Crumbly glitter (+ walkthroughs photos)

Step 2. While the nail polish has dried, take a pinch of glitter and sprinkle on the nail. Remove excess brush when the varnish dries completely.

 Manicure How To: Crumbly glitter (+ walkthroughs photos)

Step 3. Get to the other arm only when the nail is dry on the first, or sequins attracted to the wet nails, design idea is not clear, and the nails will not look neat.

Step 4. I recommend that after the application of this method to cover the glitter nails on top of two layers of clear topcoat. This compact the glitter and gloss will give your nails an additional refinement. But apply lightly so as not to move or remove the tinsel.

Now that you know how to use glitter crumbly, you can make your own original design ideas to offer. Be creative! Some options require patience, because you need to put glitter crumbly carefully, if you are not incidental, but a particular design. But I believe you will succeed!

 Manicure How To: Crumbly glitter (+ walkthroughs photos)

Points can be done with a brush. To clear the border and used adhesive tape strips. Where sequins around the edge - where the nail dipped in sequins and tassel distributed to the effect of "stretching".
Author: Vasilisa Cousin