Remove nail polish, new secrets
 When we talk about manicure, then, as a rule, it is of great importance such as the stability of the property. We are looking for a quick nail polish, and at the same time resistant. But these qualities, there is another side to the coin. Already withered - so dry up! How it all removed?

Moreover, often have to be removed not only from the nail or the skin around the nail plate. Luck gets on a variety of surfaces. Looking secrets of how to remove the varnish. And they are in front of you.

Removing resistant nail polish with nail

Using high-quality and resistant varnish bears the problem of its disposal. Especially hard amenable dark varnish. It is also difficult to remove nail polish, put in many layers, with glitter or complex texture. But we have a secret for it!

The experiment. This nail is painted with eight (!) Layers of lacquer OPI, shade Living Daylights (very much like to make the opaque sequins, as they were in the bottle). Such an amount of varnish is removed difficult, complex problems adds texture to shine, which is very difficult to retract.

 Remove nail polish, new secrets

Take a cotton ball. Wetting it in nail polish remover. Some advise simply to face down for a few seconds. But we could not. Hold longer necessary. So take a scrunchy and secure the cotton ball on the nail.

 Remove nail polish, new secrets

Cotton balls should be well wetted in nail polish remover, because the air-liquid evaporates very quickly, and the effect of soaking may not be possible. Leave wrapped the nail for a few minutes.

We had the three minutes. After removing the cotton wool, wipe the nail. And then again have a fresh cotton ball with nail polish remover. All departed perfect!

 Remove nail polish, new secrets

Do not forget to moisturize the cuticles after the procedure (oil or hand cream).

Removal of gel nails

Some salons remove old gel nails for extra money. Is it worth it to your savings? We are assembled as the master removes the gel in the cabin, and repeated the same thing at home.

To work need: cotton balls, foil, acetone.

 Remove nail polish, new secrets

Each soak a cotton ball well in acetone. Wrap the nail with cotton, and on top of the foil. Leave for 20 minutes.

 Remove nail polish, new secrets

After that, gel nails will start to flake off. Take the flat stick (such as cutting brush) and help away from the gel nails. After cleansing, nail - well, moisten them.

Remove nail polish with a tree

The first rule is: do not use nail polish remover, if you want to remove it from the wood surface. Otherwise, only votretsya nail into a tree, the wood will be painted in the color varnish for all. You will need hairspray. Prepare to be that you need a large amount of varnish, a lot more than you would normally use on the hair. Sprinkle the stain with plenty of hairspray. Leave for 20 seconds. Then, wipe the stain off with a cloth. If not completely receded - repeat the process.

Remove nail polish with a cloth

Sometimes you can use nail polish remover. Just be sure to do this after the tissue zamyt to wash away the remnants of the chemical. But there are delicate fabrics, with prints that after interaction with nail polish remover lose their color, crawl, corrupt. What to do? The secret of the first - the same hairspray. The secret of a second - a dry cleaning solvent. The secret of the third - stain remover and washing powder if fresh stain. After any cleaning cloth it is necessary to thoroughly rinse.

Remove nail polish with hair

Sometimes in a hurry you can accidentally paint nail polish hair. If the stain is not dry, it can be fairly easy to remove. Moisten a cotton swab with nail polish remover and clean the nail with hair, holding a strand through a tampon. If you notice a spot too late, and it is already dry, you need to soak a cotton swab hair conditioner or oil. And miss the stained strand through a tampon.

Remove nail polish from carpet

If the carpet is white or light, unpainted, the suit bezatsetonovaya nail polish remover. If the carpet is made of dyed yarn, the nail polish remover can leave a stain, dye strip. So use the trick with hairspray or alcohol. Fill the spot, and then carefully remove the stain with a sponge or paper towel. From the first time will not be able to clean the carpet, you even seem that the spot becomes brighter. But do not despair! Repeat cleaning several times, and everything disappears.
Author: Tamara