Medical cosmetics: what is it?
 Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal failures - all this affects the condition of skin and hair: there are various dermatological and trichological problem. In cases where the traditional cosmetics powerless to cope with them, will help medical cosmetics. Today Estheticians Beauty Club will tell you about the most popular medical cosmetics on the Russian market.

What are the characteristics of medical cosmetics?

Medical cosmetics   It combines the properties of both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In addition to conventional components used in the beauty industry, therapeutic agents include agents that affect the biological function of the skin. That is why it is commonly referred kosmetsevikoy Because it is as if the border between cosmetology and pharmacy.

Medical cosmetics every year has become increasingly popular around the world. Effective means are often used in combination with drugs typically have a narrow-action and solve particular dermatological problem. This can be improved tone and texture of the skin, reducing its sensitivity and irritation prevention, the fight against excessive dryness, acne treatment, sun protection.

 Medical cosmetics: what is it?
   Preparations cosmeceuticals usually more effective than weapons of mass demand, due to the high content of active ingredients. As part of the medical cosmetics contain a minimum dose of preservatives and absolutely no artificial flavors, fragrances and other impurities. Cosmeceuticals is available for sale only after a serious clinical trials that have proved its high efficiency and safety.

Medical cosmetics for face and body
 Medical cosmetics: what is it?
 Medical cosmetics, however, like any other, commercially available. Each brand is its line of tools for skin care with a particular problem, the treatment of a dermatological disease. Virtually every series includes tools for comprehensive care, not only for the person but also for the body.

To care for dry, dehydrated skin   Use the face of a series of Eczeane from Merck, Iktian from Ducray, Atoderm and Gidrabio from Bioderma, Lipikar by La Roche-Posay. They have a strong moisturizing, healing and soothing effect, reduce inflammation and irritation.

With issues Oily Skin   person easily cope means of lines Hyseac from Uriage, Exfoliac Ligne Femme by Merck, Aroma-Perfection of Nuxe, Keraknil from Ducray, Sebium from Bioderma, Klinans from Avene, Regulyans by Lierac, Efaklar from La Roche-Posay. Bold shine, enlarged pores, uneven dermis acne rash thing of the past - you will become the owner of a clean, smooth and matte skin.

Tools Izolift their lines from Uriage, Soins Anti-Rides by Nuxe, active from from La Roche-Posay, plus Isteal from Avene, Filorga Filorga restore the elasticity of the dermis, make out wrinkles, eliminate age-pigmentation and other signs of skin aging .

If your skin sensitive : Reacts to changes in temperature, peeling - you should use the means of a series of Reve de Miel Nuxe, Toleran from La Roche-Posay, Tolerance Ekstrom from Avene, Apezans by Lierac, sensitized by Bioderma.

With increased sensitivity to sunlight   you must use the makeup of a series Antigelios from La Roche-Posay, Fotoskrin from Ducray, Fotoderm from Bioderma, sun range from Avene.

For intimate body parts   dermatologists around the world recommend the use of setsialnye means that not only cleanse and moisturise the delicate skin, but also help to preserve its natural pH balance. Funds from the series of Hygiene intime Biorga line and Hygiene intime from Uriage perfectly cope with this task.

Therapeutic hair care
 Medical cosmetics: what is it?
 A special niche in the segment occupied by medical cosmetics hair products . Created on the basis of natural ingredients combined with medicinal ingredients, shampoos, lotions and masks provide a reliable and long-lasting result, eliminate the number of tricology problems.

If you suffer from dandruff, itching and flaking, use Nizoral shampoo and means of a series of hair from Biorga, Kelyual from Ducray, Fitoskvam from Phyto, Naudet DS from Bioderma. Within a few weeks after you start using these sredst you will see the first results: the scalp cease to peel off, and the hair will become healthy.

From hair loss   Anastacia and help from Chronos Ducray, Fitotsian by Phyto.

To dry hair   suitable Nutritserat from Ducray, by Phyto creme Phyto, Naudet series C of Bioderma.

To oily hair : Arzheal from Ducray, Fitotsedra by Phyto.
To Sensitive Scalp   You can use Elyuson from Ducray, Fitoapazan by Phyto.

Recommended Use
Medical cosmetics, as well as any drug should be used in accordance with the recommendations of dermatologists. For serious diseases cosmeceuticals combined with therapeutic drugs that can prolong the period of remission and consolidate the results obtained. These tools are also shown before and after the passage of some cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels and after microdermabrasion. Highly active components are able to quickly restore the natural hydro-lipid balance of the skin, reduce inflammation and irritation, "patch" the damaged areas of the epidermis. Typically, the therapeutic use cosmetics courses intermittently for several months.
Author: Maria Tataurova