New passive exercise machine: Hawaiian chair
 That laziness - the engine of progress, we have absorbed almost mother's milk. But laziness - the creator of a good figure - sounds like something very doubtful. However, teleshopping every day stuffed us with information, deliciously seasoned with colorful visuals and happy smiling announcers and actors, lo-simulators, which allow us to improve our figures every day, not applying for this little to no effort.

The vibrating belt for weight loss, special spot stimulators Butterfly: What did not come up to our muscles trained external battery, not our own interior. Manufacturers of so-called passive simulators promise us that their invention allow for the entire period of their use to force the muscles to work tirelessly, thus providing the overall tone and fit our body.

Another proposal in a number of passive simulators became the so-called Hawaiian chair.

What is it about
Externally Hawaiian chair resembles a chair for the office. But the similarity ends with office furniture. The chair is mounted Hawaiian handle special control. With it, you can control the seat massager. Actually, the latter is the technological element that turns an ordinary chair in the simulator. The seat of the Hawaiian chair vibrates and rotates, but not around its axis and around the circle, imitating the motion, as if you rotated hulahup. Motion and vibration make you constantly strain, otherwise you will not be able to keep his balance and fell to the floor. Thus, the muscles in your press, legs, arms and back work constantly, causing your body in tone.

What are the advantages
Manufacturers of passive exerciser assure that Hawaiian chair incredibly useful thing, both at home and in the office. It can be great to save time. Indeed, until the chair is on and makes your muscles work, you can read, make telephone calls, work on the computer, deal with paperwork. That is, in fact, to do at least two things at once useful.

Hawaiian chair - a real godsend for people engaged in sedentary work: journalists, office workers, managers, copywriters, administrators of computer networks, etc. This category of people due to a sedentary lifestyle The greatest at risk to "earn" low back pain. As is known, the best prevention of this disease is a movement. It gives you the latest and continuously Hawaiian chair.

But best of all, that the regular "classes" in the Hawaiian chair has a real opportunity to lose a few extra kilos.

How much is
According to various reports Hawaiian chair can be bought for 300-350 USD

Where to buy
While Hawaiian chair is not particularly common in the retail network of our latitudes. Therefore, wishing to acquire this wonderful simulator will have to carefully prosherstit recording television infomercials and online portals selling passive exercise equipment in his search.

 New passive exercise machine: Hawaiian chair

Disadvantages Hawaiian chair
Despite the rather attractive features Hawaiian chair the above, viewing of video with a demonstration of its reserves in much doubt. In fact, the movement imparted to the passive exercise equipment, quite intensive. Therefore, it is clear that this unit is not that engaged in party affairs will be difficult, but really have to work hard to keep it simple.

In addition, training on a chair by the Hawaiian looks pretty comical. It is difficult to imagine a trainer in a busy office. Trying to keep cool in the Hawaiian chair to amuse colleagues that does not contribute to setting up a working mood of employees.

There are also fears that the Hawaiian chair besides use in building muscle mass and prevention of diseases of the spine, is able to cause serious damage to the eye lens. After all, if you believe the manufacturers of passive exerciser, exercise it can be combined with the work of the computer monitor.

And of course Hawaiian chair is unlikely to please the people with poor vestibular apparatus. Because of the intensity of his movements may be a feeling of nausea.

Basically, forums on the internet are not filled with excitement about the invention of the Hawaiian chair and grins, the meaning of which is reduced to the award of this passive simulator label of one of the most stupid and useless inventions.

Is it really decide, ultimately, the customer. But do not forget, it is not necessary to tell your body to physical strain "on the job". No one has yet been canceled at lunchtime stroll in the fresh air, classical training on simulators and in the fitness room, which give us a chat with colleagues on a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to escape from the daily routine. After the passive exercise equipment on the passive and that deprive us of motion and emotion, which is the meaning of our existence. As if we were not lazy, but eventually, we living people, not mummies, artificially maintain the tone of the body.
Author: Natalia Hryshko