The most common questions about the SPF and sun protection
 Some of these questions are naive and even ridiculous, but that's no reason not to ask about what we care about. Let us again remind ourselves and others, what is needed SPF, which need and want it at all)))).

- What is the minimum SPF record will provide effective protection?
Like, is clear: the higher the number next to the abbreviation SPF, the higher the protection. But all of us need a figure of 80 or more. There is such advice. Much depends on the solar activity. And it is in different parts of the globe - is different. If you live in the northern regions, the 15 can be enough. And what is needed in the North SPF only from March to October. In central Russia Choose figure 30, well, a factor of 50 or more take with us on holiday in hot countries.

- What part of the body to apply creams with SPF?
For everything that is not protected by clothing. That is, not only the face but also on the arms, neck, chest and legs. The more laid bare in the summer, the large surface area of ​​the skin needs to be protected.

- How long should be used one bottle of sunscreen?
The fundamental error in the use of sunscreen - it's too thin and insufficient when applied layer. Manufacturers say that the standard 200mm bottle means designed to seven applications, provided that you spray on the entire surface of the body. Manufacturer bases its calculations on the fact that the average total surface of our skin - 1, 8 square meters. Of course, if you apply the tool is not all over the body, and your height is below average, the rate will be a little more economical.

- Is it true that if you take pictures with the sunscreen, the skin will look whiter in the photo?
No, this is a myth. Solar filters are transparent. Some white plaque occasionally present in the media from the sun, when there is a composition of titanium dioxide, but such creams are now for the most part in the past. Modern means no white residue. Even if they have a titanium dioxide composition, for the neutralization include manganese, it does not allow to be white fly.

- Can replace good sunglasses for the skin around the eye sunscreen, because the creams are too heavy for such a sensitive area?
Yes, quality sunglasses are able to provide the skin around the eyes effective protection from the sun. Indeed, many eye creams are too heavy, besides, the heat they "flow" that can lead to eye irritation. Therefore, use of sunglasses - good idea. Or look for special creams with SPF, designed for the delicate skin around the eyes, there are some manufacturers.

 The most common questions about the SPF and sun protection
 - How many months after the purchase, you can use a bottle with sunscreen before it loses its properties?
In cosmetic standards adopted in most European countries, cosmetic products should have the shelf life of 36 months. If the shelf life is less, then this should be on the product markings. However, the product for a while is on the shelf in the store before you buy it consumer. So count on three years, of course, not worth it.

On the other hand, the majority of quality means chemicals are not destroyed during the shelf-life, and thus the safety functions are retained. An exception can only make such as the texture of the emulsion. Their "life" shorter, because the oil + water mixture separated quickly.

But can you use sunscreen that has remained from last year, for example? The answer might be: if the product is not lost its original properties - smells good, homogeneous texture, glossy and dull - it means "working". In other cases it is better to part with cream. It is better if all winter last year's vehicle was kept in a refrigerator.

 The most common questions about the SPF and sun protection

- Is there an alternative to sunscreen in the form of natural ingredients?
Here expert opinion diverge. Someone said that the nature of such funds do not exist, but there are dermatologists who know the recipe for homemade sunscreen. For example, the same white paste of zinc oxide, which some put on the nose and cheeks of sunburn can be described as a natural sunscreen. After all, in fact, zinc - a natural mineral, oxygen - even our friend. This, by the way, took advantage of a dermatologist, Judy Gabriel, an expert organic cosmetics. She created, in her opinion, home sunscreen. Here's his recipe: beeswax, calendula oil, zinc oxide, green tea and vitamin E. Judy says he always makes the mix for yourself and enjoy in the ski resorts. After the application - no sun, no burns, no skin reaction to the sun. In general, you have the opportunity to test this compound, if you like to do at home with home remedies.

- Do I need to protect hands sunscreen?
Of course, you must. There hand creams with SPF protection. But some complain that the usual sunscreen too fat hand, leaves the hands of the discomfort. Then we can recommend the following. Use your moisturizer for hands, mixing it with sunscreen (with an index of at least SPF50 and SPF15 summer, winter).

 The most common questions about the SPF and sun protection
 - How often should I update a layer of sunscreen?
If you are on vacation and soak in the rays of the sun, the coating should be updated every two hours. There are new items for sale that are kept on the skin up to 8 hours, however, the girls on the forum wrote his impressions of such updates as of drying the skin too.

- Can I go swimming with sunscreen, and whether it is acting after a swim?
Most of the products from the sun, which are now on the market are resistant to water. There are those who stand up to 40 minutes in the water. But if you're after a bath towel, the right sun protection coating is destroyed. In this case, the means should be applied again after bathing.

- What level of SPF is necessary for children?
Toddlers skin is not quite formed a barrier to sunlight, so they need special protection from the hot southern sun. Level SPF50 - good protection for children. Dermatologists also recommend children choose the special children means they are not allergens and more waterproof, designed for active kids. But this protection and updated as necessary every couple of hours in the sun.

 The most common questions about the SPF and sun protection
 - Do I need a higher SPF record during pregnancy?
We hasten to reassure during pregnancy, additional protection is required, use the usual tools for himself. Even given the fact that by the end of pregnancy, the skin becomes thinner, it is not necessary to be afraid, that UV rays penetrate into the uterus. About pigmentation is not to get nervous, their nature during pregnancy has nothing to do with the sun, their cause hormonal, so to burden his daily care extra strong sunscreen is not necessary, so use what you had before pregnancy.
Author: Olga Larsen