Beautician "Pink Ribbon" from Avon
 This spring, a series of charitable accessories complement the stylish cosmetic Avon "Pink Ribbon". Bright new charity program "Together Against Breast Cancer" will appear in the catalogs of Avon in late March.

Design beauticians will appeal to owners of fine taste. Pale gold pattern on a coral background will recall the patches of sunlight, shimmering dawn on the waves of the sea. Romantic bright accessory will be your accent, which all friends envy. After all, pink - it's not just the color of tenderness and sensual femininity, but also a favorite Spring trend of big-name designers. Watch how played with luscious shades of pink in the new collections of haute couture!

Beautician "Pink Ribbon"   - Is not only a fashion accessory, but also a functional beauty-case. Every girl has a set of cosmetics, which should always be at hand. How often do we have to look for eyeliner or lipstick in the most remote corners of the apartment! And try to find a small mosaic of shadows in one of the pockets of ten favorite bag! Compact but roomy cosmetic "Pink Ribbon" will bring together the entire arsenal of beauty and your funds are not just help you out in the road and at home.

A image of a pink ribbon on the lock beauticians will be valuable to you as a reminder to take care of their health. After all, only an annual routine inspection at mammalogy will allow you to protect yourself and keep optimism and composure.

By purchasing accessories with a stylized image of a pink ribbon on Avon, you allow thousands of women throughout Russia go free breast examination within the "pink ribbon in your city," and thus save not only the beauty and health, but also life. After breast cancer, early detection in 94% of cases can be cured!

 Beautician "Pink Ribbon" from Avon

Beautician "Pink Ribbon" and other charitable goods program "Together Against Breast Cancer" can be ordered in the online store Avon. Also new will be presented in the catalog Avon № 5 (March 25 - April 14).

Materials: PVC, polyester.

Size: 18 x 13 x 7 cm.

Price: 200 rubles.

The content is not included in the price of goods.

Author: Anna Shustrova