Shampoo hair density VICHY Dercos Neogenic
 In 2013, VICHY Laboratories presented Dercos Neogenic - first means, based on the creation of which are fundamental discoveries in the life cycle of the hair and patented molecule with unique Stemoxydine.

Stemoksidin (Stemoxydine 5%)   - First molecule with biomiticheskim effect, stimulates the growth of new hair.

Ultra-sealing technology - provides instant and long-lasting hair volume without the effect of weighting by styling components. They form a kind of capsule around the hair, breathable and elastic, but thickens and protects it. Conditioner component of the shampoo makes hair smooth, soft, and facilitates combing.

Recommended for use in conjunction with ampoules Dercos Neogenic.

 Shampoo hair density VICHY Dercos Neogenic

100% Efficiency:   Compacts even the finest hair. It does not weigh down hair.

100% Pleasure:   The crystal-clear light texture is easily washed off, leaving hair soft and shiny.

100% Security:   Without parabens. Hypoallergenic.

Author: Anna Shustrova