The new fragrance Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe by Mango
 When she appears, all the attention paid to it. She - the rebellious princess, queen of the scene. Her radical chic - a new, modern and feminine style Glam Rock. She knows what she wants and always gets her way, even if it is necessary to break the rules. Follow it or step aside? Meet Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe.

Glam Rock Star

Lady Rebel returns. This time, it captures the energy of rock and roll. She appears on the stage, accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack, and presents his provocative style of urban chic, underlined causing accessories. Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe   - A new interpretation of the Lady Rebel, which reflects the most rebellious side of her personality.

Rock the mood in the bottle

Louder music!
Bottle Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe   repeats the feminine form of the vial Lady Rebel, but this time it is completely black and one hundred percent in the style of Glam Rock.

The black bottle is decorated with religious symbols rock style: skull, guitar and chain. Brilliant design elements make more glamorous, creating a true, true reflection of rock 'n' roll.

Aroma rebellion

Advanced interpretation of the classic fragrance Lady Rebel is now more dynamic and full of unbridled energy of rock 'n' roll. The game between the Lady and rebel continues and becomes even more exciting. Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe   - Aroma rebellious chic.

Top notes reveal citrus accord. At first it sounds bright and sparkling combination of bergamot and grapefruit. At the heart of the composition is hiding flower bouquet of gardenia, tuberose and orange blossom, reflecting the most feminine side of flavor. The final chord of the woody notes of patchouli and sensual skin maximizes rock mood Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe .

 The new fragrance Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe by Mango

Top notes
Citrus fruit
Bergamot, grapefruit

Heart notes
White flowers
Gardenia, tuberose, orange flower

Base notes
Wood, East, skin
Patchouli, Peru balsam, leather accord

Make self-talk. Give me a reason to talk about you

Aroma Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe   - A reflection of the rebellious mood. Superstar rock 'n' roll Lady Rebel   conquers his courage and freedom. Black leather, rhinestones, tousled hair and bright make up pose provocative image of the heroine ... It challenges and invites her to become part of the rock revolution. Are you ready?

Author: Anna Shustrova