What's New in the line of Dove Go Fresh
 New Products by Dove Go Fresh become a welcome addition to the cream-gel Dove shower awakening of the senses with the aroma of pomegranate and lemon verbena. Now the line are new means of care: body lotion, cream soap and antiperspirants.

One of the most juicy berries inspired to create a line of Dove awakening of the senses. Since ancient times the pomegranate is considered anti-aging agent, is known for its antioxidant properties and affects the amount of vitamins. In addition to natural ingredients when creating new products * Dove experts used their own technology, so that the skin to stay longer beautiful.

Cream Dove soap   Unlike ordinary soap ** does not dry and does not irritate the skin, it consists of 1/4 moisturizing cream, nourishes the skin and makes it smooth.

 What's New in the line of Dove Go Fresh

Complex *** deep care DeepCare Complex, which is part of the lotion contains related skin caring ingredients and nutritious oil. Dove Lotion   rapidly absorbed, and juicy flavor of pomegranate and lemon verbena give the skin a feeling of freshness after the shower.

 What's New in the line of Dove Go Fresh

Full day will increase the feeling of freshness Dove deodorants . Thanks to the 1/4 moisturizing cream with vitamins E and F, they contribute to the restoration of the skin after shaving, leaving it incredibly smooth and delicate, effectively protecting against sweat and odor for 48 hours.

 What's New in the line of Dove Go Fresh

New tools line Dove Awakening the senses, not only will enjoy exotic flavors, but take care of your skin, to give her a delightful freshness and great care. Juicy flavor of pomegranate and lemon verbena will awaken your senses and fill the skin of life-giving energy.

Try fresh taste! ****

* Natural extracts of pomegranate and lemon verbena, sunflower seed oil

** Ordinary soap - soap, based on sodium salts of fatty acids

*** horny layer of the epidermis

**** Antiperspirant, lotion, cream soap. Do not eat!
Aromatic notes of pomegranate and lemon verbena perfumes composed

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova