Jennifer Lawrence is wearing Dior for another three years
 Publication Page Six reports that American actress, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, will collaborate with the House of Dior at least another three years. The star has signed another contract with the brand, the price issue - millions of dollars.

Jennifer Lawrence - 23 years. This girl is "blow up" the world of beauty blogs in 2013, its cardinal change of image. She made an ultra short haircut. Many might think that the actress wanted pobuntovat and images from Dior proved too tight for that.

But the leadership of the House did not share the doubts of critics. They say at Dior were more than happy with the previous collaboration with Jennifer. Especially liked that it was in a dress by Dior actress got her Oscar.

Therefore, most likely, the contract is extended for another three years. This means that each year Lawrence will receive between 15 and 20 million dollars to appear on the red carpet and secular parties in clothes and make-up by Dior, appear in advertising the brand.

 Jennifer Lawrence is wearing Dior for another three years
Jennifer advertising Dior

The dream of many women: wear clothes from high-grade, and even get paid for it!

Author: Julia Gnedina