CND is a new collection of Shellac Forbidden
 New colors of the legendary Shellac covering of CND came under the enigmatic title "Forbidden» (Forbidden). The collection is inspired by the fatal feminine way, combines the danger daring and bright personality.

It includes 6 captivating shades: copper-burgundy Burnt Romance , Burgundy Tinted Love , Ink Dark Dahlia , Sea Blue Rapture Shimmering asphalt Night Glimmer   and silver Steel Gaze . Exciting colors Shellac Forbidden   attracted by its uniqueness and originality seduced. Mysterious collection will impress even the most discerning customers: stylish colors will draw the attention of the visitor at first sight!

 CND is a new collection of Shellac Forbidden

Sales of new collections Shellac Forbidden is only set.

The cost of one bottle of Shellac Forbidden 850 rubles.

Collection of CND Shellac Forbidden sold in all offices of the company OleHaus.

Author: Anna Shustrova