Competition "Walking in bad weather" in the Country Mom
 "There is no bad weather" - sung in the famous song. However, the nature of our pets is not only a fine of days, but often gives us a gloomy rainy rainy days, sometimes it snows and frost stabs cheeks. However, our young travelers are not afraid of the cold, and they boldly go for a walk in any weather, not being afraid to be ill.

And we, the mothers and fathers, not only admire our babies while walking, but also take pictures, trying to save these wonderful moments, as a gift. But you can get and a real gift that will delight you and your child just to publish these photos in our new photo contest!

Country moms together with brand VitaMishki spend Competition "Walking in bad weather." To participate in the contest must be placed up to three photos on the contest page.

Note: the name of the photo must contain the word "VitaMishki"! For example, "From VitaMishkami we win the battles of snow", "C VitaMishkami we will not be afraid of the deepest pools." "VitaMishki help me become a champion sledging".

Age group: up to 12 years!

Winners of the first and second place   receive a certificate in the "Children's World" par value of 3 rubles in the first place and 2 thousand rubles per second.

 Competition "Walking in bad weather" in the Country Mom

The winners, who took a venue from the third to fifth inclusive   will be presented with one of the five complexes "VitaMishki."

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Author: Anna Shustrova