Energy Shower Gel from SpaRitual particles of tourmaline
 Company SpaRitual is a unique shower gel Instinctual Energizing with the scent of Madagascar ginger. Its spicy, tart, warming flavor of mind and body eliminates fatigue and helps relieve tension and energizing.

Underlying funds extracts white willow   and green coffee . White willow has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and tonic effect, an extract of green coffee improves the metabolism in the cells, and antioxidants help her to stay longer young, smooth and wonderfully velvety. Moisturize the deepest layers of the epidermis provides oil argan tree   and Aloe Barbadensis And contained in a gel Instinctual Energizing microparticles gem - tourmaline   increase the iron content in the blood and improve its color.

 Energy Shower Gel from SpaRitual particles of tourmaline

Furthermore, in the shower gel Instinctual Energizing   It included not less than 70% of the organic components of plant origin, which ensures international ECOCERT certificate. Therefore, its use is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Estimated price - 1820 rubles. (225 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova