New sets of Weleda
 Days on the calendar inexorably change each other, and suddenly found that before the New Year remains very little time. What please yourself and loved ones to surprise? Weleda offers you a great idea of ​​Christmas gifts: created in harmony with man and nature, 100% natural brand carefully take care of the skin and give a true spa-enjoyment.

"Garnet". True luxury for mature skin (40+)

The set includes Pomegranate regenerating hand cream and pomegranate revitalizing body lotion.

 New sets of Weleda

Pomegranate - the fruit, which for centuries was considered a symbol of life, family happiness, wealth and sensual beauty. Bones garnet rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which stimulates the regeneration of the skin and provide antioxidant effect, protecting the skin from premature aging. A mixture of natural essential oils gives the product a refined delicate flavor. Hand Cream restores skin softness and elasticity and protects it during the cold season. Milk moisturizes the skin and keeps it supple and soft. Studies have shown that just one month of using milk increases cell regeneration by 39%.

Price: about 1300 rubles.

"Lavender". Languid bliss

The set includes Lavender relaxing shower gel and relaxing with lavender oil.

 New sets of Weleda

Lavender essential oil has always been valued for its harmonizing properties: its flavor gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. Products with lavender essential oil from Weleda help to relax and find inner balance. Shower gel with mild sugar tensides gently cleanses the skin, and the most valuable vegetable oils, are included in it, delicately caring. Relaxing oil makes the skin soft and velvety, it includes sesame oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It helps maintain the natural moisture level and protects against dryness.

Price: about 1050 rubles.

"Seabuckthorn". Energy charge

The set consists of Sea-buckthorn tonic shower gel and nourishing Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion.

 New sets of Weleda

Seabuckthorn - a natural source of vitamins. Especially for Weleda in the Italian Tuscany to certified organic farming Kurt Künzi grown best in the world buckthorn. Manual collection preserves the integrity of the berries until they are processed and tested way of cooking preserves all the power of the natural vitamins and trace elements in the finished product. Gel and lotion enriched with vitamins and moisturize the skin. Studies have shown that only 4 weeks of using milk skin is more moisturized 37%. Warm and sunny composition of the essential oils of mandarin, grapefruit and orange light creates a weightless flavor.

Price: about 1200 rubles.

"Rosa mosketa." Femininity and sophistication (30+)

The set includes pink gentle shower gel and oil of wild rose.

 New sets of Weleda

Rose mosketa caressed by the sun rising on the slopes of the Chilean mountains. Especially for her Weleda collected in biodynamic farms in South America. Flower seed oil is a natural source of unsaturated fatty acids, which protect the skin and have a restoring function. Another flower, solo in this series Weleda - damask rose. That it is "responsible" for the fragrance products.

Oil and Gel Series of pink enhance the regeneration of skin cells, are struggling with the first wrinkles and therefore ideal for the preservation of youthful skin.

Price: about 1200 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova