Pampers Active Pants: the driest briefs 12:00 golden dream!
 The driest panties Pampers Active Pants Russia give active kids
up to 12 hours of sleep a gold, providing unparalleled dry throughout the night.

Pampers Active Pants   - The driest panties diapers in Russia! This is great news for moms who want to be sure that the night Pampers will protect them active toddlers as well as during the day, and the skin will dry up to 12 hours. Pants Pampers Active Pants is easy to change a few simple movements - fast, convenient and comfortable for grown-rolling baby. In addition, they are now available in 3 m size (6-11 kg).

When the baby grows, every day brings new and exciting discoveries. First he learns to crawl, and then walk - and here is a step-by-step explores the world! But one thing remains the same: that the child was healthy and happy, it needs a strong peaceful sleep. Golden dream charges crumbs great mood and energy, helping to fully grow and develop. If the skin is dry, nothing prevents night's rest the baby and does not interrupt his sleep. At panties Pampers Active Pants have a special system "Protecting children's dreams" That locks the moisture of the castle and provides 12 hours unsurpassed dryness   thanks to a double absorbent layer on the front for boys and girls in the middle.

 Pampers Active Pants: the driest briefs 12:00 golden dream!

According to a study of more than 90% of Pampers moms encounter some difficulties when their grown kids become more active and mobile. It turns out the majority of respondents would like to switch from conventional diapers to panties, which is more convenient to change, but are unsure of their ability to keep the skin dry at night as well as day. Pampers moms hurry to dispel doubts: panties Pampers Active Pants equally reliably provide dry, like other diapers Pampers. This is the driest panties in Russia!

When a baby begins to crawl and walk, convenience of wearing a diaper change and acquires special importance. Panties Pampers Active Boy and Active Girl - is:
* unsurpassed dryness up to 12 hours:   double absorbent layer located in the middle front for girls and boys;
* elastic inserts on the sides Which is enough to break in order to quickly and easily change the diaper, even when the child is or play;
* trailing belt Allowing your child to feel comfortable during outdoor games;
* soft breathable material   outer layer;
* striking design Developed taking into account the age and gender of the child and helps turn replaced panties in a fun game.

 Pampers Active Pants: the driest briefs 12:00 golden dream!

Pants Pampers Active Pants of the smallest, Size 3 Which is now available for active babies weighing 6-11 kg, have a special front moisture indicator . It changes color from yellow to blue, "suggesting" Mom, when it's time to change a diaper. In addition to the top layer of panty aloe balm helps protect the delicate skin of the baby from irritation.

Pampers Active Pants - the driest panties diapers in Russia!

Author: Anna Shustrova