Sombra - a new trend in hair color
 Sombra - is also a gradient coloring. According to stylists, perfect for fall and winter.

In fact, it is the same Ombre. But there are differences. Firstly, it is not counterstaining. That is just lighting on the floor or 1 tone tone. Secondly, the lighting is not from the middle of the length of, and closer to the ends.

Intuitively, the difference between the Sombra Ombre and can be viewed at this photo Lily Aldridge:

 Sombra - a new trend in hair color

Born trend due to clients salons, which asked them to make the gradient, but more natural and organic than the stars. A name was born from the sum of the two words «subtle + ombré», which literally translates as "gentle Ombre".

And basically, Sombra can happen by itself, it's regrown Ombre, when the ends grow strongly bleached and trimmed. And at the tip of the hair is a semitone (color transition), which is the desired color.

Sombra already are Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Lily Aldridge. You want to be a trend? Ask your master to make such delicate Ombre here.

Author: Julia Gnedina