"The Best by November" on myJulia.ru
 In the courtyard ... Month in November, the beginning of which already exactly know - until the new year is almost here. Previously, he was associated with the celebration of the anniversary of the revolution, now very different holidays. In general, November sets a contemplative and dreamy mood, but I hope this does not hurt the mood of creative plans.

In the last month of autumn is myJula.ru Competition "Best by November" Which is held with the brand Philips.

The winners are not just the most active users.
The author, who appreciate all the interesting articles on current topics will be awarded Iron Philips PerfectCare GC5055 .

 "The Best by November" on myJulia.ru

GC 5055 Iron from Philips will make you happy many useful properties. In particular, you will enjoy perfect sliding sole SteamGlide, steam generator with the ability to strike and vertical steam stripping, as well as automatic control of steam. A nice addition would be the power, auto shut off, the movable wire.

Styler Care CurlControl Philips HP8618   get user exemplary master "blog." Remembered school, huh? Who has forgotten, "Diary" - a personal blog where you can write your thoughts, reflections, talk about their everyday concerns. The main requirement - most of the materials must be original. Entries from the Internet are recorded in one case - they must be equipped with their own comments and ratings.

 "The Best by November" on myJulia.ru

Luxury shining ringlets seductive soft waves that give the hair volume. New curlers conical shape allow you to create a variety of locks and locks without damaging the hair.

AND multistayler Philips Salon Multi-curler 4-in-1 HP8697   get the user to please all the most interesting entries in groups. Conditions are the same - your own thoughts, your own image, your own comments.

 "The Best by November" on myJulia.ru

Curls are always in trend! With multistaylera Salon irons from Philips, you can create different versions of installation - from small elastic to soft curls curls and waves. Experiment with hair without damaging hair.

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova