What's in your purse a star Teresa Palmer shares his secrets
 Teresa Palmer, an actress, best known for the movie "I - the fourth", "Warm Bodies", "Young Hearts" and "Do not say anything" has become the new face of the brand ARTISTRY. Along with her favorites from ARTISTRY - compact powder, lip gloss and emphasizes the eye mascara, "The length of the separation" - in her purse there and other necessary little things that allow her time to make all the necessary things, not wasting a second, even if the circumstances require urgent trip to his native Australia.

- Tell us about your handbag.

- She's on Mulberry, and I love it! It is spacious enough to accommodate all that I needed, including a book, iPad and even clothing for yoga and jogging! In addition, Brown goes well with almost everything I wear.

- We have heard that this year you were at Coachella. What music do you listen to lately?

- Hooked on the beautiful ambient group Loscil, they simply amazing sound! This soothing, I sleep very well at their songs at night. Another thing I love Beach House, Florence and The Machine, Neil Young, Bon Iver, M83, Phantogram and, of course, my favorite of all time Moby.

- I suggest that even among your "favorites at all times" are the dogs?

- Oh, yes, I am an avid sobachnitsa! In total I have five dogs. I left three from his mother in Australia, and the two live with me in Los Angeles - the Moon, four Shih Tzu and bear cub Koda, six black crossbreed labrador pit bull and a border collie.

 What's in your purse a star Teresa Palmer shares his secrets

- There is in your handbag is something that you can not leave the house, or the day of went wrong?

- Of course. For example, if I forget the phone, first terribly lost. But then you realize that there is still something beautiful to feel free from any contact. So there is a blessing in disguise.

- Tell us about the snacks that you carry with you.

- I usually put in the bag packaging of raw almond butter, Brazil nuts and goji berries - it is one of the most nutrient-rich foods. The oil contains healthy fats, and pure protein, which helps to "restart" and speed up metabolism. A Brazilian nuts simply delicious crunch in between!

- What's that, rose quartz? What's the trick?

- I generally like crystals and believe in their beneficial effects on health. Crystal rose quartz in the form of heart symbolizing love and emotions that come with it. I think of it as a way to recharge the heart chakra, so always carry with me.

- Without any cosmetic product can not you live?

- For me it is very important to have a clean, healthy skin. I can not imagine my life without renews peeling skin ARTISTRY intensive skincare. I use it twice a week for eight minutes during breakfast. Thanks to him, my skin is instantly filled with radiance and looks flawless.

 What's in your purse a star Teresa Palmer shares his secrets

Despite the fact that during the day I do not really use cosmetics, I never leave home without sunscreen, blush and mascara. Mascara ARTISTRY Ā«Length and separation" makes my eyelashes long and lush.

 What's in your purse a star Teresa Palmer shares his secrets

In the evening and on set I use compact powder ARTISTRY. It is great to quickly fix make-up, as well as a wonderful way of finishing.

 What's in your purse a star Teresa Palmer shares his secrets

My makeup artist says that my skin has never looked better than it is now!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova