The delicate skin in just 5 days: gentle care with antiperspirant Dove
 Dove is a line of deodorants, 1/4 consisting of moisturizing cream: reliable protection, care and restoration of the delicate skin of the underarms in just 5 days *!

Opening Hours outfits - a real test for our skin. In summer it is more than ever in need of careful care, extra protection and moisture. In the sunny season, remain vulnerable even those areas of the skin that we used to be considered "invisible." But it depends on them is how confident we feel!
Aesthetic perfection underarm area and protection from odor - that every woman must be sure at 100%. But how to feel comfortable, easy, and most importantly, attractive if the delicate skin in the delicate area so prone to redness and irritation, causing you to limit yourself when choosing outdoor summer dresses? Entrust your skin Dove.

Antiperspirant Dove, providing effective protection against perspiration and odor for 48 hours, caring for underarm skin, helping to prevent discomfort and irritation. They consist of 1/4 moisturizer and contains vitamin E, and F, so take care of the delicate skin of the underarms and contribute to its reconstruction after shaving just 5 days *!

 The delicate skin in just 5 days: gentle care with antiperspirant Dove

Dove Antiperspirants are available in three convenient formats:

Antiperspirant aerosol.   Shake the container and spray on skin from a distance of 15-20 cm for 3 seconds.

Roller antiperspirant.   No need to shake and turn - he is always ready to provide excellent smoothness of the coating.

Antiperspirant stick.   Practical and convenient: uniformly applied to the skin and dries quickly without leaving a feeling of humidity.

Feel comfortable and cared for during the day: with antiperspirant Dove your skin smooth and beautiful again after shaving just 5 days! *

Antiperspirant Dove.

Effective protection.

Smooth beautiful skin after shaving just 5 days *.

* Based on clinical trials evaluating the visible signs of skin irritation, spray and roller, Unilever 2008, and the consumer test, aerosols, United Kingdom, 2006 100 participants.

Author: Anna Shustrova