NEW: Moisturizing aftershave "Classic" from NIVEA MEN
 Perhaps every man at least once is a difficult choice - clean-shaven face, combined with a feeling of tightness of the skin or the "image of a rock star," a three-day stubble, which - alas! - It is not acceptable in all situations. How to proceed? The problem is easy to solve modern moisturizer after shaving, allowing no compromise between the presentable appearance and comfort of their own.

Following the wishes of the male audience, experts mark NIVEA MEN   We developed a moisturizing aftershave "Classic" . The product is designed specifically for men's skin, because of its unique features. It effectively helps to restore the skin after shaving and prevents irritation.

The secret of the high efficiency of the new funds - in its unique formula with caring components. Vitamin E   and aloe vera   deeply moisturize the skin and contribute to its intensive recovery.

Facts and Figures: beauty products for men's skin care products from NIVEA MEN are very popular all over the world - a brand №1 in this segment. She trusted by millions of users in 151 countries around the world. It is not surprising, because the laboratory NIVEA MEN, acting in Hamburg, has more than 90 years of successful development of effective skincare products for men. Russian men also prefer cosmetics NIVEA MEN - in particular, a brand №1 in the category of funds for men's skin after shaving.

 NEW: Moisturizing aftershave "Classic" from NIVEA MEN

Moisturizing After Shave Lotion "Classic"   from NIVEA MEN   this helps men look and feel at 100%:

• effectively soothes the skin after shaving;
• rapidly relieves burning sensation, dryness, or tightness of the skin;
• deeply moisturizes the skin;
• Leather long retains a pleasant aroma.

Vladimir, 35 years old:   "After shaving I just need moisturizers. Firstly, these products help to relieve the feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin, and secondly - an unpleasant annoyance, with their help, my skin looks really good. "

Packing new moisturizing lotion after shaving by NIVEA MEN made in a stylish blue-and-silver color scheme, and a transparent bottle differs restrained minimalist design.

Author: Anna Shustrova