Discovered "smell" of excitement
 Sweat, which is produced by the body during physical activity, does not emit noxious fumes - he appears at a completely different form of perspiration.

Pot, we cover in summer or during exercise, it is part of the natural thermoregulation of the human body. It stands Ecrins sweat glands, which are more or less evenly distributed in the human body. This pot is completely transparent aqueous solution of the various salts and organic substances, and it is entirely devoid of the odor. However, this is not a reason to rejoice in its own "freshness." Because moisture mixes with skin cells, lipids, with the passage of time becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which begin to actively proliferate, and after a while "fragrance" is still there.

In addition there is another kind of sweat that immediately declares himself an unpleasant odor. He appears in situations when a person begins to worry. Usually this state is described by the expression "cold sweat". Such stressful or emotional sweating is carried out not Ecrins and apocrine sweat glands. They are located in the hairy parts of the body and secrete a milky secretion, which is particularly favorable for the rapid, almost explosive growth of bacteria. As a result, a very distinct smell of sweat stress is magnified. Unfortunately, this type of sweat can not be completely controlled.

And in such an unpleasant phenomenon has a certain physiological significance.

It is known that aromas play an important role in the life of living creatures, including humans. This also applies to the human body odors. Often, they are very important information that is read intuitively, which fully applies to the stress sweating. Recently, it became clear that its pungent odor activates a specific area of ​​the brain that is responsible for emotions. In the experiments conducted by American scientists, it was found that volunteers who were exposed to the smell of sweat stress, cope better with the tasks than those who have solved problems under the influence of the thermal sweat. How do I find the American scientists, it can perform a specific signaling function. Most likely, over the centuries, he informed our remote ancestors of the dangers, which got their kinsman, and enhances their willingness to respond to stress.

However, since then our life has changed dramatically, and warn each other of danger, we prefer using other signaling systems. But the body can not rebuild and stress sweating not managed to cancel: atavistic mechanisms die very, very slowly. Although sweat - it's still naturally emit the smell of sweat in society today is not accepted: a person suspects that he smells, feels very uncomfortable. The problem is that predict when you get into a fuss, and can not prevent the appearance of sweat is an uncontrolled reaction. Not only can prevent the occurrence of sharp odor deodorant using, which is designed for any, even stressful situation.

It is important to understand that the stresses were, are and will be an integral part of our lives. Moreover, they may not only be negative, and positive. For example, emotional sweating is possible not only to interview and presentation, but also on a date, and even during the wedding. So we can not escape the daily stress. But we are quite able to rid yourself of worries about the stress sweating.

  Research State University of New York at Stony Brook

Author: Anna Shustrova