Miranda Kerr shared just a summer beauty secrets
 Miranda never ceases to amaze. So it raises the sale of coconut oil in the supermarkets, the girl on her advice sweep the shelves of pharmacies rosehip oil ... New advice from Miranda relate to her departure in the summer. All again very easy!

Miranda Kerr shared her summer beauty rituals with the publication PEOPLE.

First, about tanned skin. Model for to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, but admitted that she is very fond of bronze color on the skin. The girl from sunny Australia are unlikely to ever give up sunlight. So Miranda prefers not to tanning and natural tan. This comes in the wide-brimmed hat, and in the morning.

Hairstyle for the summer? Normal tail - says Miranda.

Make-up for the summer. Kerr always has Covergirl mascara and lipstick, lip gloss from Chanel (ROUGE COCO SHINE) in the shade Rebelle (a bright red color).

 Miranda Kerr shared just a summer beauty secrets

Foot Care. Miranda can be proud of their feet, it is believed that they - one of the longest in the world of fashion. And care for them Miranda employs the simplest: "I use a razor Gillette Venus, which not only shaves, but also gently exfoliates. This makes the legs are very smooth. "

 Miranda Kerr shared just a summer beauty secrets

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina