Quit smoking without gaining weight
 Why weight is dialed when you give up smoking? Is it possible to quit smoking so as to preserve the harmony?

The cause of weight gain after you quit smoking, - simple. Nicotine affects the metabolic rate. When you quit smoking, the metabolism slows down, it leads to weight gain.

On average, by reducing the rate of metabolism, you can type about 5 kilograms. But there is good news: weight gain can be avoided.

Studies show that weight gain after quitting smoking is not durable. And 20% of ex-smokers returns to its weight automatically after a year (the study conducted in France, Hopital Paul Brousse).

It should also be aware that scored kgs are often not only a consequence of slowing down the metabolism. People who quit smoking, try to replace the cigarette different snacks, drinks and sweets. Therefore, smokers who want to give up cigarettes, worth having on hand a low-calorie and low-fat foods: celery, carrots, sugar-free candy, sugar-free gum.

Another method to avoid weight gain after quitting smoking - is to increase their daily physical activity: more walking, climbing stairs, sign up for fitness classes.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina