The contest "Again, twenty-five! "On
 Five winners of this contest will receive five books of the novelties of the detective genre. What you need to do to become one of those lucky people? Just take part in a new competition that we start in the "Games with the words" and win!

Terms simple

1. Check whether you are a member of the group "games with words."

2. Compose a detective story, which is required to use set of speech and expression necessarily "Again, twenty-five! " .

3. Publish it in this group.

4. Invite your friends, both virtual and real, to read it (following the rules of the site, of course).

5. Read the stories of other participants and comment on them.

6. humbly wait for the end of the competition and summarizing.

Winners detective waiting five sets of books:

  Yevgeny and Anton Granovsky "End of the Road"
  Eugene Highland "Caesar's wife above suspicion"
  Mikhailov Eugene "to drink the cup to the bottom"
  Tatyana Garmash-Roffe "The heart does not deceive, the heart will not betray"
  Anton Chizh "Five drops of death"

Find out what words to use in a competitive text and read more closely the conditions of competition here & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Anna Shustrova