The contest "Best by June" on
 June - the first month of the summer! Life in some way stops, it becomes quiet - holidays, vacation, relaxing walks in the countryside, the heat again. And if you look on the other side, travel, new experiences, thirst for new sensations ... So that summer - is not only suffering from the heat and fresh strawberries, but strawberries - that's fine too.

In the first month of summer is Competition "Best by June" Which holds the brand Philips.

This time, the winners are not just the most active users.
The author, who appreciate all the interesting articles on current topics will be awarded SatinSoft HP6522 epilator function Wet & Dry.

 The contest "Best by June" on

Included HP6522 epilator brush peeling and nozzle for active vibration massage with carefully prepare and calm the skin, providing comfort during epilation. Special nozzle for sensitive skin to remove hair painlessly allows a more delicate areas.

  Hairdryer ActiveCare HP8270 Philips will receive a user has been active in the "Diaries". The main requirement - most of the materials must be original. Entries from the Internet are recorded in one case - they must be equipped with their own comments and ratings.

 The contest "Best by June" on

  The company Philips introduces new hair ActiveCare HP8270, which will protect the hair from drying. The innovative infrared sensor TempPresicion Sensor measures the temperature of heating the hair and automatically adjusts the supply air temperature: if the hair is heated above 57ºC - the optimum temperature for the conservation of the natural level of moisture within the hair - the flow of air is automatically cooled. Thus, the hair does not dry and remain healthy, shiny and elastic.

And multistayler Philips Salon Multi-curler 4-in-1 HP8697 get the user to please all the most interesting entries in groups. Conditions are the same - your own thoughts, your own image, your own comments.

 The contest "Best by June" on

Experiment with style without harm to the hair! With new multistaylerom Philips Salon Multi-curler 4-in-1 HP8697 easy to change the images and create a variety of laying, without leaving home and without the help of professionals!

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Author: Anna Shustrova