Flu shots are useful for pregnant women
 An unexpected result of studies in pregnant women has published Dr. Saad Omer (USA) in the publication New York Times. It turns out that pregnant women should not be afraid of flu vaccinations. Moreover, they are useful in the situation of the girls.

The scientist investigated the effects of vaccination in 2009 the virus H1N1. And that's what found. Girls who while pregnant, had a vaccination, gave birth to healthy babies with more weight than non-vaccinated. Besides, the doctor says that flu shots reduced the threat of premature birth.

The doctor admits that while pregnancy is not in a hurry to get vaccinated. And usually only 13 to 18 percent of pregnant women agree to be vaccinated. But now, perhaps, this figure will grow.

Doctor was studied 3327 pregnant women who received the vaccine (between April 2009 and April 2010). The data impressed. These women had children with more weight, and 37% had a reduced risk of having premature babies.

It will convince you to be vaccinated during pregnancy?

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina